Is Leading From Home Now The New Normal Permanently? By Louis Island

Is #Leading From Home Now #TheNewNormal Permanently? By Louis Island #BEYOUROWN


Working from home is one thing, but managing a team or leading a project can be another entirely. With the way we communicate changing drastically and almost immediately, most businesses around the world have found success with video calls. However, after a year of Zoom calls and Google Hangouts, it’s safe to say that video conferencing is fatiguing. Our brains can only consciously process so much information at once, due to our limited working memory. Videoconferencing itself requires huge amounts of this conscious capacity, and often results in fatigue. But what else about video conferencing do we need to keep in mind as leaders? Louis Island the CEO at Active & Thriving helps us to understand more. We miss out on a lot of non-verbal communication Our emotions and ideas are mostly communicated through nonverbal signals like posture, hand gestures, distance, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. All of…

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