How To Avoid Parental Burnout In 2021 By Hayley McDonnell

How To Avoid #ParentalBurnout In 2021 By Hayley McDonnell #BEYOUROWN


The term feeling the “burn” has long been associated with exercise and is a colloquial phrase commonly understood to relate to what we feel in our muscles during exercise. However it  is not directly related to caloric burn or the amount of fat that is being burned. So working harder is directly correlated to work output or work achieved.  There are a litany of phrases that can be used to remind us all of working smarter not harder and most of them we know. What working parents, female entrepreneurs need to know is how to work smarter which will have benefits for them personally, professionally and for family life.Keeping it simple and manageable is a necessity. Hayley McDonnell shares her 3 steps that can be repeated daily so that organisation, harmony and self-satisfaction can be achieved. Planning Writing it down on paper or a journal or using an on-line planning…

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