5 Ways To Avoid A Total Burnout By Christina Macnamara

5 Ways To Avoid A Total #Burnout By Christina Macnamara #BEYOUROWN


There may not be much choice right now about home working but you do have choices when it comes to making this ongoing situation as positive and sustainable as possible. Follow these tips by wellbeing coach Christina Macnamara to stay healthy and avoid a total burnout.  Give yourself a break Consider your normal work life and how you spent your time and energy there. Were you focused on work the whole day? How long was your travel time? Did you have social interactions and down time?  We would go insane if every single day in an office was a full-focus, productivity fest. Managers and company owners know that a certain amount of ‘time wasting’ is needed in order for workers to be happy, to bond as a team and to sustainably commit to their role.  Ask yourself how much time out you’re planning into your home-working day and check whether…

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