Healthy Employees Equates To A Happy Business, But Where To Start? By Rosaria Barreto

Healthy #Employees Equates To A Happy #Business, But Where To Start? By Rosaria Barreto #BEYOUROWN


Whether you are a SME or large and well established business a healthy and happy workforce will not only improve productivity but also impact the success of future business growth. It is hard to know what to do and where to start when building a wellbeing strategy, so here is some guidance from Rosaria Barreto founder of Vitality Hub and Mature Movers which specialises in tackling social isolation and the prevention and management of chronic disease. Rosaria is a health and wellbeing influencer and qualified exercise scientist and personal trainer and will be sharing her top tips and considerations when deciding on a workforce wellbeing plan and why your business should have one.  We all know that a healthy mind & body is good for us but how good is it really? Exceptionally good! Fantastic even, in all aspects of life.  Today’s focus is on 2 aspects of health: physical health and mental health. Let’s take…

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