Don’t Let International Payments Cut You Off From The World By Deepali Arora

Don’t Let #International Payments Cut You Off From The World By Deepali Arora #BEYOUROWN


“Fog in Channel – Continent cut off.” This famous old newspaper headline perfectly illustrates the UK’s unique geographical position and (only partly self-mocking) sense of its place in the world.  Fog may no longer be a barrier to trade with Europe, but in its place we have two far more existential challenges: Brexit and Covid-19, the latter leading to 6,000 store closures in the first half of 2020 alone. Entrepreneurs can rightly feel mocked by fate to have both crises foisted on them at the same time.   But what makes things even crueller for SMEs is that the answer to the pandemic – expanding into new markets and winning more customers abroad – is now much more difficult following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Only this week, for example, it was reported that half of lorries bringing goods into Britain are returning to Europe empty, as UK firms…

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