Dress For The Occasion – Tailoring Your Leadership Style For The Culture Of The Organisation By Claire Oatway

Dress For The Occasion – Tailoring Your #Leadership Style For The #Culture Of The Organisation By Claire Oatway #BEYOUROWN


For many of us that leads to discomfort, awkwardness even and to the people around us a sense of bemusement, judgement (positive and negative), affection or humour even. Even as you walk into the room – head held high there’s still that self-awareness that lingers.Whatever the scenario, you’ll agree that its not all about you and its not all about your audience. Leading teams and choosing the appropriate leadership style is an extension. There are so many factors that shape the culture within an organisation – profession, scale, geography, founder philosophy, history, diversity. Typically, we try to simplify culture to just one or two of those elements but culture is really just “how things are done around here.” If you’re a leader, especially an emerging leader you may have one or two dominant styles. You may be directive and autocratic – feeling responsible for setting direction and chasing up progress…

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