5 Ways To Enhance Your Team’s Performance Through Alternative Leadership By Mari Williams

5 Ways To Enhance Your Team’s Performance Through Alternative #Leadership By Mari Williams #BEYOUROWN


Leaders who want to improve the performance of their teams tend to ask themselves two questions… ‘What procedures can I change to help?’, and ‘How can I improve the skills of people on my team?’ Perhaps, in answer to those questions, they might decide there needs to be more meetings, or send some people on a course. But there’s another question that tends to go unasked – one that’s crucial to strong, intentional leadership, that’s often easier to answer… ‘How can I get out of my team’s way?’ We are all flawed human beings. Leaders are not exceptions to this rule. Our decisions, beliefs and behaviours, and the ways we communicate and lead, are, in the main, governed by our unconscious minds. We may experience Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, or just not feel ‘good enough’… and we may struggle to admit those things. So how does this…

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