The Remote Working Revolution: Investing In Your Key Team Players By Kristine Angeltvedt

The Remote Working Revolution: #Investing In Your Key #TeamPlayers By Kristine Angeltvedt #BEYOUROWN


Right now, millions of people around the world are working remotely. It’s totally unprecedented, and despite being an initial shock to the system, remote working has become mainstream. We don’t know what the world will look like once everything has settled down after the pandemic, but remote working is set to continue for many throughout 2021.  Although a lot of people would probably assume that growing and developing a remote team is a nearly impossible task, there are plenty of remote-first companies that have worked this way from their inceptions. They now pave the way for others to follow by sharing their experiences. Growing a remote team definitely brings some unique challenges to the table, but it also gives you as a founder and a manager an opportunity to increase the wellbeing of your employees by offering more autonomy and flexibility. Here are some pointers on how and what to…

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