The Rise Of Veganism In Business By Jessica Kruger

The Rise Of #Veganism In #Business By Jessica Kruger #BEYOUROWN


Until very recently, it was almost better to admit to having a purulent skin disease than to admit to being vegan. As if all of a sudden, vegan is the word on everyone’s lips and like any rising trend, businesses have been quick to clamour all over it, slapping the label “vegan” onto any product they can.   The philosophy underlying veganism however is much bigger than any marketing campaign. It’s about compassionate living. So why should a company – maybe your company – go deeper and put veganism right at heart of their brand?  As we’ll see, it’s simply smart business for a company to align itself with humane business practises but there can be real economic pay offs too. But first let’s start with a quick overview.  Most of us are becoming au fait with vegan foods: a vegan burger substitutes real meat for a plant-based alternative; vegan skincare…

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