Understanding The Basics Of Intellectual Property By Jessie Harrison

Understanding The Basics Of #IntellectualProperty By Jessie Harrison #BEYOUROWN


There are several types of intellectual property (IP) rights available. Some are registrable and others are not. Registrable rights require you to follow a registration process to protect your IP; whereas non-registrable IP rights arise automatically when the IP, or an article embodying the IP, is created. Registered IP rights are monopoly rights. This means they grant the right to exclude all others from acts such as producing, using, or selling your invention. However, this does not provide an automatic right for you to perform the innovation yourself.  You still must take care to avoid infringing the rights of others, for example you may need to first obtain a licence of earlier third-party rights in order to exploit your own.  Non-registered IP rights generally prevent the IP, or articles embodying the IP, from being directly copied. Registered IP rights are also territorial, which means they are only valid in the…

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