Who Do You Want To Be? By Beccy Hunt

Who Do You Want To Be? By Beccy Hunt #BEYOUROWN


There is a quiet revolution going on, have you noticed? Our patriarchal society, governed by fear and scarcity, is being challenged and there is a new way ahead. Values such as vulnerability, kindness, love, connection, authenticity, that have been dismissed up until now are coming to the fore. The amount of heart led business run by women embracing their divine feminine power is growing. There has never been a better time to start a business as a woman, especially if you are over 50. You have a power and wisdom that the world craves right now. This is your time to shine and break free from your shackles. As women, we have been taught to keep ourselves small and insignificant or face the consequences. To stand up and show who you really are as a woman is dangerous, you’ll be called out as a witch (just look at Mary Beard) and burned at the stake (this is what…

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