How To Embrace Your Entrepreneurship With Confidence And Boost Your Business By Judith Quin

How To Embrace Your #Entrepreneurship With Confidence And Boost Your Business By Judith Quin


There’s no right way to become an entrepreneur.  Some people have a passion they pursue even if it might kill them, others have an idea, sit down and draw up a blueprint, create a business plan, find investment, create a company.  Many more people fall in to starting up a business; they get frustrated with corporate life and set up on their own, have a lightning-bolt moment that opens their eyes and changes their life, have a sideline that starts to snowball, or do something they quite enjoy and before you know it there they are, running a business. As an entrepreneur we can assume you have an idea you believe in.  Unfortunately having belief in something does not mean you naturally have confidence in putting it (and therefore yourself) out there. Fear not, Judith Quin, founder of Your Whole Voice, multi-award winning vocal confidence specialist, international public speaker, author…

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