What Are Your Options For A Career Helping Others

Careers come in a range of shapes and sizes, with different things to suit different people. However, if you are looking for a career that is rewarding and really helps you to care for other people, then there are a range of jobs that will allow you to do just that. Getting hands-on with a healthcare career or one in the emergency services can be a great way to impact the lives of others. You can help others in science and engineering-based careers, as you’re making an impact on a wider scale. If you’re interested in a career that helps others, then here are some careers to consider that you might not have even thought about yet.

Teaching and education

Being a teacher or working in education means that no two days will be the same, but you will forever impact the lives of others. We can all remember our school teachers to this day, right? It does make a difference. You can work in schools, of course, as well as young offenders’ institutions, hospitals, and other care settings where children and young people will be. To teach, you will need to train and qualify to do so, but to work as an assistant or work as a youth worker or playworker will require less formal qualifications. 

Social work

A rewarding career working with others could be a career in social work. It is a career where you support families and children in need of help. You could also work with vulnerable adults, such as the elderly or those with certain physical or mental health issues, to help them to live independently. A career in social work will need a degree in the area, as there is a range of assessments in the role that you’ll need to have experience of. You could always look into becoming a health and social care apprentice to see if this is the career path for you. There are also some roles within social work that won’t require you to have a specific degree.

Public service

There are a range of careers that are going to help others in different ways, all in public service. When you work for the government, local government, science, or engineering, you are helping others on a wider scale than working with other people one-on-one. In these kinds of roles, you can impact thousands of other people with the work that you do, even though you may not meet many people doing it. If you would prefer more of an office-based career, rather than one where you go to schools or homes, then a career in public service could be one for you.

These three areas for careers that help people are just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, they will have given you some ideas to think about as you plan out your career and if you need to retrain or study something in particular to get there. Are there any other sectors that you would add to the list?