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5 Steps To Get Your Mojo Back By Marina Newington

Have you ever had a huge amount of work to do but felt like you would rather go to the dentist than get started?Despite having great intentions, plans and systems, motivation is hard to come by sometimes. So how can you find the spark when you’re not feeling it?

Marina Newington is an international speaker, best-selling author, productivity expert, founder of the PowerSystem and a qualified Coach with an MBA from the prestigious Columbia Business School. She empowers entrepreneurial women globally to set the foundations for time and financial freedom so they can feel more confident, in control and motivated as they go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to feeling that the right things get done in the time they have so that they can create true impact, more money and a life that is happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

We often lack motivation to do our work because we find the task at hand overwhelming or tedious. Who wants to work on something that gets you nowhere? Or that you will never finish despite all the hours you put in? In order to bust through these blocks, Marina to shares 5 steps to help you light the fire that will inspire you to get moving, take action and start celebrating the fantastic results you deserve.

It all begins with your ‘Why’

In order to get excited about something, it needs to be meaningful to you. What are your core values? How do they tie into your why? It is so worthwhile to take the time upfront to understand what will get you out of bed in the morning. What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to be and most importantly, why do you want these things? Finding these answers can be challenging, but once you invest the time to discover them, you have the foundation to always stay on track.

Tie your Passion into your ‘Goals’

Now that you know your why, you need to tie it into your high level goals so that you will always be energised to work on them. By embedding your passion into what you are doing, it gives you a point to refer to when things get hard or boring. For example, my why is to help entrepreneurial women crack the magic of balancing work and family. One goal I set was to create a digital course teaching some practical principals from my coaching. When the going got hard to put all the moving parts together, motivation always returned when I remembered why I was putting in all the effort and what the end result would achieve. 

Break your goals down into manageable ‘Tasks’

Looking at a huge project like creating a course, writing a book, running a marathon or starting your own business can seem overwhelming. Instead of getting intimidated or procrastinating though, begin by breaking the project down into manageable sections and then breaking those down into specific tasks. In the course creating example, you would first identify all the threads: content, technology, marketing, etc. Then you would break them into manageable tasks that take no more than 2 hours each to accomplish. 

 Make your success ‘Visual’

I put all my daily tasks on sticky notes and at the end of each week I put them in a glass vase. It is so satisfying to see that vase fill up over the course of a month, knowing that I have really moved forward towards my end goal. By seeing how much you have already accomplished, you will feel the momentum of the job getting done and it will propel you forward to keep going.

Celebrate ‘Success’

Celebrating success is CRITICAL for motivation! We spend so much time focusing on what needs to get done that we often forget to pause and celebrate our wins. First, acknowledge your wins on a weekly basis because you deserve it! Then, go one step further and celebrate with a reward like a manicure or a massage. Take a long hot bath in the middle of the day. Book a meal at your favourite restaurant or buy that pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on. By building in rewards, you will have something tangible to look forward to that keeps you going during the hard parts.

By following these steps, you will be able to bust through any procrastination and avoidance you might feel and get motivated to get the right things done in the time you have so that you can really move forward in your business. That’s what being productive is all about – you’ve got this!