Why Use Virtual Services For Business

Whether you have founded a start-up, own a small business or are building a larger enterprise, virtual services can be a big help for your business. Virtual services can allow you to better manage your company resources and lower your payroll costs, while also giving you more time to focus on growing your business. 

What is a virtual service?

A virtual service is a service that, instead of being performed in-house, is done through a virtual service provider. It now covers a wide range of services including virtual receptionists, virtual offices, virtual assistants and virtual IT. It can also cover freelance services, such as marketing and sales support. 

Virtual services are now used to describe such a wide range of business services, which means that can often be confused with the services that are offered by contractors and freelancers. The thing the separates these two things is that they are performed virtually, not in person. 

Why use virtual services?

Some businesses will struggle with the idea of handing over control to someone else, virtually or otherwise, but this can limit your growth potential. If you can let go of this fear, you should find that virtual services have a lot of great benefits, whether you’re looking for a virtual assistant or considering getting a phone answering service

Save money

Virtual services can be used to fill in the gaps in your business for much cheaper than it would cost to hire a full or part-time member of staff. With a virtual service, there’s no need to carry out an expensive hiring process, and you can save on payroll costs too. A virtual service provider doesn’t need to be paid sick pay and you don’t have to contribute to their pension or health insurance. All you pay for is the service you use, and that’s it. You pay for the time you use, so you don’t have to pay a receptionist to sit and wait for the phone to ring, or pay for an empty office. Most service providers offer competitive pricing, so it can be very affordable. 

Get back time

You can save a lot of time by not needing to go through a lengthy hiring process. A lot of the services that a virtual service provider can provide are designed to save you some time every day. A virtual receptionist will answer and screen all your phone calls. This saves full-time employees hours of time manning the phones and makes sure that the right calls reach the right people, and anything you don’t need to deal with won’t waste your time. A virtual assistant will make sure that only important matters reach your desk. You won’t have to waste time dealing with IT that isn’t working and can relax when you’re not at work, secure in the knowledge that someone is looking after your office phone lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


A growing business needs to be able to be flexible if it’s going to succeed. As you only pay for the time you use with a virtual service, you can scale up your services more quickly if you need more support for a busy period, and scale down again when things are quieter. You won’t need to rush through hiring to find someone to work for you that you might not still need in a month. You can feel confident that you have the resources available when you need them. 

Enhance your business status

For startups, appearance is very important, and it can be hard to compete with more established competitors who have larger budgets. Virtual services, such as virtual offices and receptionists, can allow your start-up to seem more organized than you really are. Client calls will come through to a professional receptionist and your company address will be registered to a business location instead of your spare bedroom. 

Improved customer service

Virtual services, such as virtual receptionists and virtual assistants, can help your business to really improve your customer service by making sure that your phone is always answered in a polite and professional way, no matter what time someone calls you. You don’t need to worry that the phone will be left ringing because you went on your lunch break, are out of the office, or are just busy. There will always be someone available to answer the phone and make sure your customers and clients are taken care of and feel as though they have been heard.