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3 Factors Increasing The Appeal Of Cosmetic Dentistry

More people realise the need to have the perfect smile at all times. The quick decline in oral health fuels the rising demand for cosmetic dentistry in the UK. 96% of dental health professionals in the UK reveal that the country’s population is fast recording an increase in poor oral health. They believe the lockdown also exacerbated the situation as people were restricted in their movements. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as residents are choosing cosmetic options. If you want to know the factors responsible for that, please read on.

Growing need to appear youthful

Youthfulness is usually characterised by bright looking skin and a good set of teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate to retain their teeth as they approach their golden years. Therefore, a suitable solution is to leverage dental implants to replace stained, damaged or lost teeth. Moreover, the UK’s ageing population realises that dental health is closely linked with their overall wellbeing.

Since 2018, over 40% of the ageing population in the United Kingdom have had one or more aesthetic dentistry to improve their appearance and boost their health. Even more revealing is the BBC news report, which stated that 6% of adults in the UK have no natural teeth. Therefore, if you plan to undergo some treatment, you may want to consider consulting with the experts in dental implants at Dental Excellence.

More disposable income

Research revealed that disposable income increased by £700 between 2019 and 2020. This is quite surprising, mainly because of the pandemic’s impact on the economy. However, experts say the increase is because more people were at home, and the temptation to purchase things on impulse diminished significantly.

As a result, more residents carefully think about how to put that extra money to good use. This has increased the interest in cosmetic dentistry among individuals. reports that 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 recorded high demands for Invisalign and dental implants. With more disposable income in a pandemic season, more UK residents feel compelled to do something positive for themselves.

Increased awareness of dental health on heart health

The standard type of circulatory and heart disease in the UK is coronary heart disease. According to recent reports, the current population distribution is as follows:

  • Females – 3.6 million cases
  • Males – 7.6 million cases

From the stats indicated above, it’s obvious men suffer from poor heart health a lot more. Research also shows that more older men in the country have poor oral health, as 20% are more likely to suffer from lost teeth, dry mouth and gum disease. The plaque-causing bacteria can travel into the bloodstream and cause anomalies within the heart’s vessels. Subsequently, it impacts blood flow and can lead to heart disease. 

Indeed, more factors contribute to the rising interest in cosmetic dentistry. However, the most important thing is to take excellent care of your teeth and oral health. Whether your dentition is natural or not, you have a responsibility to take utmost care of it.


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