Tips For Your Next Big Pitch

When it comes to seeking investment or appealing to another for something by way of a pitch it can be daunting. It is easy to put together a pitch but it isn’t easy to put together a memorable pitch that makes you stand out from the crowd. That makes your pitch the one to remember and the one to invest in. Whether you are pitching for property development finance or a business grant to get your startup off the ground use the tips to make your pitch the one everyone talks about.

Tell a real story

Where it is possible, tell a true and relatable real story that involves real-life experiences and real people. One that is relevant to your pitch and the reasons for it. Use peoples names and keep it simple. If you are pitching for funds to set up a mother and baby group, for example, tell the human story behind the reasons you want to do it. Making it personable will help to make your pitch and business stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple and cover the essentials 

Yes, your pitch needs to be thorough but it doesn’t need to be your life’s story. Long and unnecessary pitches will turn people off and they will stop engaging. Make sure you have the very essentials covered but you don’t need to wax lyrical over every single aspect of your business plan. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to know it,  be prepared to answer any questions.

Talk about yourself 

While it’s true you need a stellar business plan and a project worthy of investment, don’t forget people are also investing in you. You are the one they are giving their money to and you are the one responsible for ensuring the money is used as intended. Let investors get to know you, trust you and be confident that their money will be in safe hands – don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet from time to time and share your previous success stories. If you’ve won business accolades or peer recognition tell them. 

Don’t ignore the competition 

Everyone has a competitor and it would be foolish to assume you don’t or that investors won’t be aware of them. Don’t ignore competitors in your pitch, address them head-on and differentiate your model and why the competitors will not be a sticking point. Competition isn’t always a bad thing, think about how many makes of cars there are on the road and how they compete to improve their vehicles with every new model. 

Practice, breathe and listen

Make sure you practice your pitch over and over. That doesn’t mean learn each word verbatim but be confident in the order and structure of your pitch without the reliance on cue cards. Listen to the investors’ comments, concerns and questions. Take them on board and try to answer them truthfully and confidently. Again, you want to be trusted and you want to display good business acumen. Dismissing potential investors comments or questions will not get you off to a good start. 

Finally, take a deep breath and keep it steady and controlled. Do not rush it and always make time to stop and breathe.