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Important Ways To Maintain A Tidy Office

As a business owner it is super important to maintain a clean and tidy workspace for everyone who works in your company. Ensuring that health and safety is up to standard is crucial and keeping an organised and clean office is a huge part of this. That’s why today we are going to talk about some of the most important things that you can do to ensure everyone in your office stays clean and tidy all year long. 

Use a rota 

One of the best ways for you to ensure that your employees are respectful of their workplace is to implement a cleaning rota where a different person wipes down your kitchen area every day. This quick job will be one that won’t eat too much into the day and it will likely discourage messy and unhygienic behaviour in the kitchen. Ensuring that your kitchen is cleaned daily will be good for everyone and it will ensure that your office stays hygienic and safe for all. 

Hire a cleaner 

If you want to ensure that your office is cleaned professionally every single day, hiring a cleaning company such as Sentrex is the right thing to do. When you have an office full of people, it can be difficult to stay on top of cleaning yourself, and by hiring out to a professional company they will provide you with excellent cleaning services and keep your office in tip top condition all year long. 

Cut down on printing

Printing is one of the single most wasteful, expensive, and cluttering aspects of running an office. Decades ago everything had to be printed on paper as proof – but in the new digital age this is no longer the case and many people can simply download digital documents, sign them using online signing tools, and store them in a secure hard drive. There is no need for excessive printing in your office and you can cut down on this by giving your workers a limit each month of pages they are allowed to print. You’ll be surprised what a swift and big difference this makes to your office space as there will no longer be box files and binders full of paper. 

Say goodbye to store cupboards 

Store cupboards are the bane of office life and when you have a workforce who excessively buy items for the office – it doesn’t take long for your office space to become overcrowded. Make sure that instead of using your store cupboard for random clutter and orders, you only use it for important things like your vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, and stationary. Put a ban on your cupboard being used for anything else and you will soon see a much tidier office. 

Ensure a monthly clearout 

One of the ways you can ensure that the office stays organised is to have 1 hour every month where people have to clear out anything on and around their desks that they are no longer needing or using. This can cut down on so much mess and by getting your workers to organise and clean their desks it provides a much more hygienic work area. 


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