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GB Cycling Team Tops The Medals Chart

The GB Cycling team has topped the medal charts in cycling, winning the most golds and joint-most medals. British cycling has always been a formidable team, having cycling legends like Chris Hoy and now Jason Kenny, who has become the most decorated British Olympian ever with 7 golds to his name. 

21-year-old Tom Pidcock managed to beat Matthias Flückiger by completing the course 20 seconds ahead of the Swiss athlete. Spain’s David Valero Serrano received the bronze medal after achieving a result of 1:25:48. Pidcocks time was 1:25:14. 

Afterwards, Pidcock exclaimed: “It’s been a such a hard time coming here from crashing and breaking my collarbone and that’s just unbelievable. I know that my mum and girlfriend are crying at home. It’s sad that they can’t be here but I’ll see them when I get home.”

Cycling increases by 200% since lockdown

The Olympics has generated an interest for the sport in the UK and worldwide. British Cycling has seen a huge uptick, with a massive increase in cycling during lockdown and the results of the Tokyo Olympics, it’s a good time for the sport. People may even be inspired to get themselves a bike and get out on the road. In fact, according to a report by the government, Cycling has increased by 200% since lockdown. Taking your bike and getting out of the house has been a great way for many people in the UK to get some exercise and enjoy spending time in nature. 

Bikes are so popular that they are sold out in some places

There is a huge demand for bikes at the moment – so much that some shops are even sold out and need to order new stock to meet the increasing demand. Riding a mountain bike doesn’t need to be very difficult and there are many great bikes out there, some entry level, others for more experienced cyclists. While Tom Pidcock makes it look easy, a ride on a mountain bike can be quite rough at times, especially if you are a beginner taking on a steep and rocky path. Trust your instincts and go easy in the beginning. Get used to your bike first and make sure that it is the right height and feels comfortable to ride on. Once you have familiarised yourself with what it feels like to ride a mountain bike, make sure you get road bike insurance which can cover you in case of an accident and against theft, which sadly happens to bike owners too often. 

When you feel confident that you would like to take on trickier paths, consider going in a group or together with a friend to stay safe. Of course, a mountain bike doesn’t necessarily have to be used to ride down mountains at top speed but can be a comfortable way to commute to work or get some exercise. 

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