Companies are being challenged with customers wanting to know how they treat their workers. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is incredibly important. It’s one of the driving factors that is leading workers rights conversations and the conditions in which they work.

Most business owners have found that they were already considering updating their CSR policy. Now that the virus has caused mayhem in the world, companies want to do everything they can to retain as much talent as possible. It’s not just top talent that is the focus of CSR, but talent that just needs time to grow and evolve. Here are some ways you can help your workers.

Safer manufacturing 

Manufacturing is dangerous but vital at the same time. You need to have a manufacturing facility that is efficient and yet, able to avoid and manage incidents that cause bodily harm and or stress to your employees. One way to make the facility safer is to change the floor. If it is slippery or perhaps with potholes, this can cause serious injury. Bare cement floors are the main cause, as normal wear and tear as well as erosion from fluids can speed up the degeneration. Here, you can learn more about epoxy floors which use a unique resin to give your cement floor a shiny yet grippy feel. This can prevent slip and fall incidents as well as give your basic cement floor an extra 2-3 years of life. Replacing the epoxy every few years is easy and won’t disrupt manufacturing for long. In fact it can be done over a weekend.

A place to vent 

Increasingly, the need for a place for employees to vent is required. This coincides with mental health services at work being offered to employees. Gone are those days where mental health of employees was their own personal issue. Employers are being demanded to offer mental health services to employees due to the stress they are under, caused by their work. What does this look like? It seems like on-site counseling and or being given off-site mental health support through an employee package or healthcare insurance plan are being provided.

Health and safety inclusion

It’s one thing to hire a health and safety service to improve your working environment and it’s another to ask your employees for their opinion. They are the ones who work in the office, facility or plant all day long, why wouldn’t you want their opinion? You should allow employees or all levels to be included in any on-site inspection or improvement plant. It makes employees feel valued, they can be represented in the decision you make and this can only be a good thing for management relations.

How companies treat their employees is under the microscope at the moment. One false move and bad press can do huge harm to your brand and to your professional reputation as a business owner or CEO. This advice will put you on the right path to improving working conditions and employee-management relations.

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