6 Ways To Secure Your Businesses Data

Following these essential security practices will allow you to keep your sensitive information safe and reduce your risk.

Don’t store more than is necessary

Your customer and employee information needs to be protected the more you collect about them. Data breaches often hurt customers because companies save more information than needed.

Limit the amount of information that you save so that hackers cannot steal it. You should avoid collecting extra data, and if you need it for a short time, delete it once you’re done with it.

Keep an inventory of information 

There are many convenient ways to store and transfer data on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and flash drives, but this also creates more opportunities for data to fall into the wrong hands. 

Identify where you store your information, who has access to it, and what information you are storing. Make sure all sensitive information is included in the information inventory, including digital files as well as physical documents. The iomart hybrid cloud is a good place to start. 

Keep up to date with your cybersecurity

Businesses of all sizes can be protected from threats like malware with a number of top cybersecurity programs. Make sure your network and every device are protected with a paid program. If there’s a breach, you’ll likely lose much more, so the money spent is well spent. Install all cybersecurity updates as soon as possible after your program is set up.

Documents should be securely stored

The threat of cyberattacks may be more prevalent, but losing or stealing documents can be equally damaging. It’s imperative to protect sensitive documents from prying eyes whenever they contain sensitive information. Your most trusted employees should have access to documents in a locked cabinet or room. Documents can be shredded and disposed of in this way.

Business credit cards should be used to pay for expenses.

Business credit cards provide the most secure method of payment for business expenses. You won’t lose any money if you dispute a transaction, and most companies provide zero-liability fraud protection. Employee cards can be set with spending limits, and text alerts can be sent in real-time to notify you of any transaction. 

Using a credit card has the most security features and safeguards of any payment method. Credit cards for business are not just about security, as they also offer travel rewards and detailed expense reports.

Plan your response to data breaches

There’s always a chance of a worst-case scenario occurring, so you need to be prepared. The way you respond to security incidents can determine whether the data loss is a minor or a costly one. The steps that you should include in your plan are: 

  • The smallest hole should be filled immediately. Close all computers or programs that have been compromised, and disconnect and shut them down immediately.
  • Please notify the persons who need to be notified. In some cases, you will need to notify law enforcement and your customers as to whether or not the information was stolen.
  • The situation needs to be investigated. Investigate what went wrong by conducting an internal review or hiring a third-party agency to help answer the question.
  • There are many ways you can keep your business secure, you just need to ensure you use some of the steps above. Do you have any other steps that could help? Please share them in the comments below.