Judith Quin: Your Whole Voice Public Speaking, Vocal Confidence Sound Healing

If you want a powerful and effective way to reduce your stress, if you are looking for a simple and quick way in to meditation, or if you are on a self-development / self-awareness / self-healing journey one of our members Judith Quin of Your Whole Voice has got a special offer today as she launches her sound healing self-study online courses .

Whether for meditations, self-awareness, or freeing your voice to discover the most confident, whole, true, version of you – Voice-Vibration Sound Healing is the ultimate Sound Healing tool. Why? Partly because you carry it around with you everywhere you go – and partly, find out below!

What makes Voice-Vibration Sounding different is that it’s the sound healing tool:

  • That works from the inside-out
  • That YOU are in control of how deep it goes
  • That you have no need for expensive equipment for as you carry it around with you everywhere you go


You already own your voice, you have the equipment you need – and now it’s time to really own it by getting the knowledge of how to use it to free you from the things that have been holding you back.

As an added bonus – the more you explore voice-vibration sounding, the more confident and comfortable you become in hearing and sharing your voice in all ways – including allowing yourself to be heard.

Tickets: https://yourwholevoice.thinkific.com/collections