Work Visas In The United States: The Basics Explained

Seasonal workers will go to the United States to work non-agricultural jobs to help fill orders and earn decent money. Earning work visas is the main way to gain entry. Know that they need to go through a work visa process and work with employers to get sponsored. Here are the basics explained below.

Reasons to work in The States

Work in the USA to be eligible for certain incentives. Experience a unique life in the USA that home can’t offer. The local amenities such as the healthcare and entertainment industries have much to be desired. To ensure you get to the country on time, you should apply ahead of time. Trust in the legal process and your employer to make it happen. Utilize benefits of the country whilst you can.

Acquiring your Visa

Realising what you want to do for work will be the first step.Acquiring your visa will be the next. There will be a few steps involved, starting with your application. Depending on your line of work, this visa will be different. Businesses within the construction industry will benefit from this. This will come in the form of a H-2B visa, which allows seasonal workers, and caregiving professionals in some cases, entry into the country to work under limited circumstances.

The H-2B program requirements can be difficult to understand. Working with accredited attorneys who can help you with the process should be your priority. Consider working with experts Farmer Law PC. They have a highly qualified team with experience with both employers and employees to sort out the legal requirements in starting and closing the visa process.

The Application process explained

Processing the application will have multiple steps involved and could take a few months to complete. Start your search for temporary employees as soon as possible if you’re an employer. If you’re an employee, then you should be looking to clear up your schedule later in the year in preparation.

One of the first steps involved is submitting a Prevailing Wage Determination to the U.S. Department of Labor. Filing the job order through the State Workforce Agency will follow. Submitting a temporary labor certification known as form ETA-9142B will be done by workers.

Complete all this before beginning the application process with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. State that the employer agrees with all the qualifying laws outlined during the process on the labor certification. Once the employer is certified by the Department of Labor, they will then be able to submit the completed Form I-129. Gather this information so that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can officially approve the H-2B visa.

Foreign nationals will be able to get started themselves. An employer will have people in mind to work with, and these foreign nationals will need to submit their application form, known as DS-160. Find the local American embassy for the worker. Upon arrival they will need to seek admission at the port of entry.