6 Signs That Your Small Business Needs A Security Guard

No matter the size of your business, you can still fall victim to illegal activity. Small businesses are not exempt. Utilising the services of a licenced and reputable security agency could be the way forward for your business. They can help to offset any losses through criminal activity as well as safeguarding the public. The question is: how do you know when it is time to start weighing up your options when it comes to the security of your business? Let’s explore.

You have long opening hours

If your business has longer operating hours, you will likely find that your staff and customers have to leave the premises in the dark. If there are any security concerns or if you have heard from customers or staff that they do not feel safe when leaving the premises at night, you might want to consider employing a security guard. 

You operate in a high crime area

Some businesses aren’t located in the best areas. So, while you might have been lucky thus far not to have been affected by this, the odds say that it could bring trouble to your door at some point. 

You routinely experience thefts

Small businesses experience shoplifting too. Through your stock management systems, you should be aware of any issues with missing stock. If this stock can’t be accounted for in damages or expired items, then one of the likely explanations is theft. This can carve into your profit margin. Hiring a security guard means that you have an extra set of eyes to watch out for shoplifters. 

You sell or serve alcohol

Realistically, any business where alcohol is present could lead to security concerns. However, having a security guard can act as a deterrent and encourage people to behave properly. Not to mention that they can help limit any damage and deescalate any alcohol-induced issues.

You have a heavy foot traffic

If your business experiences a lot of traffic, then a guard could be useful in monitoring the flow of people. The busier a location is, the easier it is for would-be criminals to operate without detection. Having a guard also puts the public at ease, and they can act as the first point of contact for any visitors that you have to the premises. 

You have safety concerns

Security guards are often trained to manage a myriad of safety concerns. They can help you to develop your health and safety processes to keep your staff and customers safe. They are often also trained to manage a lot of emergency situations too; this could include physical violence, criminal incidents, or even medical emergencies. For example, First Response Group has stringent vetting processes in place, and all of its security guards are well trained and hold an SIA certification. Because of their training, they are often better equipped to remain calm and deal with the matter at hand, whereas you or your staff might be more likely to panic or simply not have the right knowledge on how to deal with them. 

In the end

Deciding whether or not to hire a security guard comes down to you and whether or not you think your business will benefit. It can constitute an extra cost, but often this cost is recouped in lower levels of theft and an increased level of confidence in your business by potential consumers.