5 Ways To Switch Off To Switch On Business Success By Ros Jones

The need to switch off is well-known, just like the need for regular physical exercise and a balanced diet. Ironically, though, there never seems to be enough time to do it! Our lives are getting busier and busier. In fact, it seems to be a badge of honour sometimes to be seen as being always busy. 

The question is are you being productive or just busy being busy? With working from home becoming prevalent, boundaries between business and home life have become blurred making it increasingly difficult to switch off. It can be difficult to resist the urge to turn on the washing machine and do the ironing during business hours, just as it is to reply to emails during down time watching TV or playing with your children. 

Add to that the pervasive interruptions into social/family life by electronic communications received by phone, laptop or other IT gadgets, we are always on the go and ‘switched on’ to work mode. This continuous busyness over time leads to ill health (physical and mental), burn out, exhaustion, and domestic problems, all of which will impact business performance sooner or later. 

Filling in every minute of our waking hours has become habitual but taking time to do nothing and consciously switch off, leads to a better ability to focus, less anxiety and stress and more productivity in the long run. For example, brain scans of people who take time out to meditate on a regular basis showed that this practice of being still actually leads to physical changes to the brain: The amygdala shrinks which is the part of the brain that produces feelings of anxiety, fear and general stress.

Not switching off is causing us to lose our creativity which is not good for business where we need to be innovating with fresh ideas to grow and move forward. Ros Jones, business and wellbeing growth coach, founder of The Business Wellbeing Club explains how we can switch off in order to boost our business with these 5 tips 

Here are 5 ways to switch off.

  1. Turning off your phone or locking it in a drawer out of sight and sound for an evening – or even an hour – would be a good start. If you really can’t be trusted to do that, Yondr creates mobile phone pouches which close with a magnetic lock similar to those of a retail security tag. 
  1. Just as you might book a meeting in your calendar with a customer or supplier, book a meeting with yourself. Block out some time in your diary to switch off, treat yourself as your most valued customer and be sure to meet with yourself mindfully! 
  1. Find a new hobby completely unrelated to your business. Then find a group or a club (online or in person) relating to that hobby where you can meet new people and have conversations on topics other than your business. Joining a club that meets on a regular day at a regular time will help with your commitment to switching off from your business to go and do something different. 
  1. Commit to activities that will enhance your personal health and wellbeing as a way of switching off from your business. For example, sign up with a personal trainer who will turn up at your house at a set time to ensure you have to switch off, or ask a friend to be an accountability buddy and agree set times to meet for a run or a walk. 
  1. Be more mindful. Do something without distraction, really staying focused in the present moment. For example, eat your evening meal with family members without allowing distractions like television, radio or phones. If you live alone, really focus on the food you’re eating by chewing slowly and enjoying the flavours. There are numerous ways to be mindful, staying focused in the present moment without worrying about the past or planning the future. 


Switching off does require a conscious effort so it’s important to find something that you can enjoy and can have fun with. For sustainable, long term business success having a balanced approach to life which incorporates your wellbeing is essential.