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How To Maintain Your Wellbeing Whilst Travelling By Nichola Henderson

Things are different now. Health and wellbeing are more important to people now more than ever before. The speed and ferocity that Covid enveloped and paralysed modern life shocked people around the world like nothing else they had ever experienced. They were unwillingly thrown off the hamster wheel, forced to re-evaluate everything they had known: their all-encompassing comfort zone. As a result, people changed, that change is ongoing today. Like everything, there have been pros and cons, but one of the primary benefits is peoples awareness of the fragility of their health and physical state. This has resulted in people making a more conscious choice to look after their health & wellbeing.

It can be difficult to maintain this new level of consciousness when travelling with work or commuting longer distances, its strikingly obvious how the current retail infrastructure is not designed for a healthy focused workforce. The familiar coffee outlets, bookstores, pharmacies, and snack vendors located at airports and train stations just do not cater well enough for a traveller wanting to make a healthy choice. The ratio is still too front loaded, high on artificial and sugar loaded snacks and way too little of clean, natural food. To avoid being stuck in this scenario here are some useful tips by Nichola Henderson that can help maintain wellbeing when travelling:

Try to plan in advance

Think through the journey and what is likely to be available, this 10 mins will save time and energy later… then plan healthy snacks accordingly. If the journey is by car, cook something that’s good to eat cold, like a mixed bean or lentil salad with any form of protein. Add something like tofu as a way of keeping full for longer.

Prepare something that is really satisfying

Don’t try to make too many adjustments too quickly. Stick to something that is familiar, enjoyable and focus on building a new system that works before trying to change too much. Build it slowly.

Take time to eat mindfully

Planning in advance will allow time for both nutrition and a rest at the same time, as it saves the hopeless search for something healthy! If time is still short, a veg based smoothie also works really well, (add ice after prep to help keep it fresh and cool) then drink with a straw slowly and savour the flavour and imagine how much nutrition it is providing. It’s a feel-good booster to visualise this!

Always pack snacks that will last

Always have a small airtight container of mixed nuts, seeds or roasted beans. They last a long time when sealed and are a wonderful snack when hunger strikes! (Just take care to ask the crew if on a plane or train in case anyone has a nut allergy) Oatcakes are also a good alternative option – popular brands offer them in mini packs of 5 which are perfect also for carrying in any work bag. Protein Balls also work well for travel snacks. 

Always remember the why

It is important to reinforce that everyone deserves to have healthy choices whilst travelling, to fuel both body and mind. It is not a luxury, it is not something that should be an afterthought, it deserves the time spent on any preparation. Having a strong mindset of doing this because it’s good for the body really helps, it removes any chore element and reinforces the health and wellbeing benefits, which in turn increases the feel-good factor.

It all comes down to the now common commitment to live a healthier life whilst remaining in this adjustment period of navigating this new world. These small changes will reap both short and long-term benefits for personal health and wellbeing.