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BEYOUROWN ZOOM: January 2022 X Group Session With Líobhan Clancy

2022 here we go!Are you ready for an insightful purposeful conversation amongst our community of women who are equally on a mission to succeed? Then grab a coffee, a pen and notebook and join us for January’s Group Session!

This will be the perfect opportunity to chat about any highlights or challenges you may have encountered over this month and seek advice from our leading ladies within this group as we encourage you to take yourself to the next level both professionally and personally.

This virtual event will be hosted over ZOOM by our founder Samanah Duran and co-hosted with Liobhan Clancy, the workshop will focus on the application of Human Design for Business.

Human Design is a quantum system that brings together the wisdom of ancient modalities. When you align with Liobhan Clancy Human Design, you can experience more flow and ease in your life and business.

During the workshop Liobhan will give an introduction as to what Human Design is, Liobhan will explain the different energy types and how the participants can align with their design to create more success in their business.

This is part of our monthly Virtual Events calendar.

Date And Time

January 22nd, 2022

12:00 PM London



In case you missed the BEYOUROWN Membership Club Bulletin, you can email the team directly on to RSVP your spot for this group session.

**The day before the event you will receive a ZOOM login prompt along with the details needed for the session.