Struggling To Attract Attention? Tips To Get Your Business Noticed

Are you finding it difficult to get customers through the door, or has your web traffic slowed? If you’re struggling to attract attention, now is the time to focus on getting your business noticed. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss effective strategies you can employ to put your company on the map and boost sales and brand awareness

Improving your website

A business website can be incredibly effective in luring customers in but it can also put potential buyers or clients off. If you have a fantastic website, which looks amazing and delivers an exceptional user experience, you should find that your lead generation and conversion rates increase. If your website is basic, slow, drab or difficult to use, this can push people in the direction of competitors. Test your website, use analytics and collect feedback from users. Highlight areas for improvement, address weaknesses and look for ways to optimise user experience and ensure that visitors enjoy the time they spend on your site. Tailor your website to suit the needs and preferences of your target client and showcase your brand. Provide useful, informative, high-quality, engaging content and create attractive pages.

If you’re not an expert in web design, or you don’t have web designers or employees who have expertise in user experience, development and digital marketing on your team, it’s wise to consider outsourcing. Working with an agency can help you to elevate and improve your website to attract more attention and encourage prospective customers to get in touch or make a purchase. 

Search engine optimisation

The next step to take when you have a brilliant website for your brand is to ensure that it is visible and accessible. Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to increase online traffic and prompt web users to visit your website or click on your links. The aim is to get to the top of page 1 of the search engine results. If you don’t have an effective SEO strategy in place, you run the risk of losing out to rivals because customers won’t know about your brand or be able to find your site. There are multiple elements that go into an SEO campaign, including keyword analysis, link building and search engine rank tracking. If you don’t have a marketing department, it’s a good idea to hire an SEO agency. 

Social media

There are currently more than 4 billion social media users in the world. While some people use social platforms purely to connect with friends and meet new people, others use them to find businesses and engage with brands. If you own a company, social media is an incredibly valuable marketing channel. Not only can you promote and sell products via your social media accounts but you can also establish relationships, get to know customers better and expand your reach. 

If you are new to social media, start building your following by inviting existing customers to like, follow and share your pages. If you’re keen to boost numbers quickly, you could consider working with influencers or hosting a competition or a giveaway. Giveaways are an excellent, affordable way to spread the word about your brand and encourage people to follow you and take a look at the products or services you sell. 

When using social media to raise brand awareness, remember to focus on connecting and interacting with customers, as well as trying to sell products. Around 90% of consumers buy from brands they follow on social media. Use reels, photos, clips and stories to enable customers to meet your team, take a look behind the scenes and learn all about your company culture and values. 

5-star reviews

Over 90% of people look at reviews online. Reviews are increasingly influential. For businesses, they can make the difference between adding new customers and losing prospects to other companies. High ratings are attractive to buyers and clients. If you have an average score, or there is room for improvement, strive to secure glowing reviews. Work on customer service and support, provide a memorable, positive experience for customers, treat your clients like VIPs and make sure you’re offering competitive prices and deals that offer good value for money. Use feedback to identify issues and build on strengths. It’s essential to learn from both positive and negative comments and reviews. 

Are you struggling to attract customers or persuade them to choose your business? If you’re trying to get your business noticed and drum up interest, there are several steps you can take. Improve your website, use SEO to drive traffic and enhance your social media presence. Engage with customers, boost follower numbers by hosting a giveaway and build strong relationships. Read previous reviews and use customer feedback to boost your ratings and review scores. 

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