The Art Of Competing: Learning To Make A Solid Impact In An Oversubscribed World

The art of making big decisions in business is not easy when you have many competitors. It’s important to recognize that, as an entrepreneur, you will always be in competition with someone. And we have to remember that beating the competition is not necessarily about coming up with different strategies, but about making sure that we recognize that the world of competition in business is about playing the long game. Let’s show you some key things to remember. 

Follow your competitors

You will have your own plans and strategies, but your competitors are doing the same things to compete with you and everybody else out there. So the question needs to be asked, what are they doing? How do they approach the market? What do they do to make the customer happy? But also, what are you doing to promote yourself? All of these are questions that give you a real picture of who your competitors are. Sometimes, we can drill deep into the minutiae of their works, and think that we need to emulate them down to the letter. If you really want to make an instant impact, you might not necessarily need items like magnetic business cards and the best CRM systems, but you must remember that when your competitors are using these things, you have got to ask yourself why they are doing what they are doing? When you start to have insight into what your competitors are doing, it allows you to separate yourself from the norm. 

Look at your competitors’ offers

When we are making deals with clients and customers, it is the offer that will separate us from our competitors. When you make an irresistible offer, it’s too good to refuse. When you make an offer, and see how your competitors’ offers are working, you need to see what the advantages and disadvantages are. 

How can you make your offer better? 

It’s not necessarily about being cheaper, but looking at what your competitors are trying to achieve, and getting to the core ideals of how you can make an offer better. When you collect all the relevant information and analyze this, you are making yourself unique. 

Understanding your customers

Of course, to make an instant impact as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to have that relationship with customers. If you know your customers, you’re going to understand their needs better. And satisfied customers will give the business that reputation you so sorely demand. When you know your customers, you’re going to make things easier, and when you see what your competitors are doing, if you begin to improve relationships through numerous channels, offers, and deals, you start to create a solid brand personality for your business that embodies trust. 

Be there for your competitors’ customers

You’ve got to be present whenever your customers are. If your competitors let their customers down, this is where you can swoop in and give them a taste of your business. This is one of the best ways to make an instant impact when we are trying to make a name for ourselves. But it boils down to the fundamentals: relationships, trust, and making sure your business embodies the right image.


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