The Benefits Of Using Microsoft SharePoint

When Office 365 is installed, SharePoint is included as part of the package. This is a cloud-based application with several uses, including document sharing and content collaboration.

This application is so popular that it has over 190 million users across the world, which demonstrates how useful companies find it. SharePoint allows files to be accessed from anywhere, which means that you can have multiple team members working on one report at the same time, without being confined to the office. In particular, the pandemic has meant that employees haven’t been able to be in the office as often as normal. As a result, companies have switched to a hybrid approach, including BP, Siemens and Nationwide. 

Therefore, SharePoint can reduce the costs involved with purchasing an office space and the daily commute. It’s also particularly useful if employees live further away from the office. As well as the opportunity for remote work, there are several other benefits of this application. Here are a few: 

Multiple in-built functions 

SharePoint has all the features you could need to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your business. It’s essentially a website that allows all your client contacts, company information and tasks to be in one place. These will be accessible to your employees at any time of the day, from anywhere. However, if you only want to grant your senior employees’ access to certain information, as an administrator, you can assign various different permissions. It also has security features that will help to keep your information safe. These include multi-factor authentication, which will prevent unauthorised access to documents.

It’s customisable

You will have the option to keep the default version of SharePoint or customize it to the needs of your business. If you would like it to appear more professional, this Office 365 & SharePoint Development Consultancy based in North East England includes advice on their blog about how to apply the logo and colour scheme of your business onto a modern SharePoint site. This will, therefore, provide employees with a more insightful experience. 

Keeps ideas organised

SharePoint means that you can organise information in a way that is accessible to everyone. As a result, you and your senior employees will have a much better idea of the stage that each individual is working at. All your team members will also be able to collaborate on important assignments, such as reports. File sharing is easy to do as it can be done at the click of a button. Having everything in one place means it will be easier to meet deadlines, make decisions, and new employees can quickly get to grips with your business strategy. 

We hope you have learned the benefits that are involved with using Microsoft SharePoint for your business. It will allow you to keep track of the tasks that need to be completed with ease and provide a community-like feel, with each department working closely together. It will also enable new hires to understand exactly how your company works almost instantly. 

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