The Essential Virtual Tools For Your Small Business: Knowing Which Ones To Use And Why

Small businesses are always looking for ways to save time and money. Virtual tools help you maintain precision while making it easier for team members to work together and complete tasks. This article will cover the top virtual tools for small businesses, why you need them, and when to use each one. A virtual tool is any piece of software or application that helps your business operate more efficiently by allowing team members to collaborate remotely on projects, manage their time more effectively and perform other tasks faster and more conveniently than they could in person or on a phone call. Working virtually isn’t just beneficial because it saves you money; it also reduces your carbon footprint and gives you more personal time without sacrificing productivity. Here’s everything you need to know about virtual tools!

Why are virtual tools beneficial for small businesses?

For starters, these tools allow you to hire employees from across the country or even the world, which means you can expand your company beyond your local market and hire people you might not be able to find in your area. This can be incredibly advantageous for businesses with a seasonal workload, as you can bring on employees when you need them and let them go once their workload has ended. In addition, you can hire employees from further away, and these tools also help your employees work remotely. This means you don’t have to be tied to a single location: you can hire employees in any part of the country or world and let them work out of their homes, or wherever is most convenient for them.

Screen sharing apps

Screen sharing tools allow you to share desktop screens with your team members so they can see exactly what you’re doing and get access to any files or information you need them to have. They’re great for sharing presentations, brainstorming sessions, and managing collaborative projects. GoCollab, Co-View, and Blue Jump are all excellent choices for screen-sharing tools. GoCollab is a virtual collaboration platform with several different features, including screen sharing. You can share your screen with one or many people at once, invite guests to view your screen, and even record it to share later with team members who weren’t there the first time. With GoCollab, you can create projects, assign tasks to your team members, and see their progress on a single dashboard. Co-View is a whiteboard and screen-sharing app that you can use to share click boards and presentations and collaborate on documents with your team members. With Co-View, you can invite multiple guests to your screen, hold video or voice calls from the app, and create team rooms for your team members to communicate and collaborate. Finally, blue Jump is a virtual meeting platform with screen-sharing capabilities and a digital whiteboard. You can have your meetings and then sketch out your plans, brainstorm ideas, and create visual checklists.

Voice and video calling apps

These apps let you have both voice and video calls with your team members anytime. You can also share your screens during the call so they can see exactly what you’re doing, which is incredibly helpful for managing projects and brainstorming new ideas. Google Hangout, Zoom, and Skype are great video and voice call tools. Google Hangout is an app you can use to make video and voice calls with your team members, as well as join calls with other users. It’s beneficial for extensive team collaborations, as you can invite multiple guests to enter a single call. Google Hangout is helpful for individuals and businesses, so you can use it for personal and work calls. Zoom is also a video and voice calling app specifically designed for business use. You can use Zoom to host webinars, video or voice calls and share your screen during the calls. Zoom also has built-in integrations with other virtual tools, like CRMs, calendars, and project management apps. Skype is another voice and video calling app that you can use for both personal calls and business meetings. It has additional features like screen sharing and group video calls so you can talk to multiple people simultaneously. You can also use tools like Verbatim Telephone Answering to help you manage your business calls and field clients with their team of virtual receptionists. This will give the people at your business opportunities to shift their gears to other tasks that need their attention. 

Task management apps

These virtual tools let you organize your tasks and stay on top of your workflow, which is especially important for remote workers who don’t have the same physical cues as to their on-site counterparts. To-do lists, calendars, and invoice tools help you keep track of your work and manage your time. To-do lists, calendars, and invoice tools are useful virtual tools for managing tasks. To-do list apps let you make and track your to-do lists, so you can keep your projects organized and see what still needs to be done. Some apps, like Microsoft To-Do, also let you share your to-do list with your team members, so everyone is on the same page. Other apps, like Wunderlist, also allow you set reminders so you don’t forget any critical tasks. Calendars are helpful for both time management and scheduling meetings. You can create different calendars for different projects or clients and add events to each so you can see your work schedule at a glance. Finally, invoice tools are beneficial for remote workers who don’t have the option of collecting cash from their clients. These apps help you create and send professional-looking invoices to your clients, track when they’re due and when you’ve been paid, and keep your finances organized.


When choosing virtual tools for your business, you must consider your team members’ needs and how they work best. While some devices might be perfect for one person, they might not be the best choice for another. These tools are designed to make your team’s lives easier and help them work together more effectively and efficiently. Use these tools wisely; they can help your team work together from anywhere in the world while still staying on track with their tasks!


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