The Future Of The Sex Tech Industry By Shakun Sethi

With the radical growth in technology, you can invite artificial intelligence to enhance your sexual experience. Sex tech can assist you in smartly satisfying your sexual needs with intriguing sex products. Let’s look at the future of the sex tech industry and how it can enhance your sexual well-being with Tickle.Life founder Shakun Sethi.

Personalised and gender-neutral sex toys

Developments in sex-based technology and artificial intelligence can play a crucial role in enhancing your sexual experience. With sleek and aesthetic designs, sex toys can revolutionize the sex tech industry. 

If you view sex toys from a futuristic perspective, there would be products from personalized vibrators to smart sex beds. Wearable toys integrated with AI that you can integrate with your body. There might be sex toys that combine the features of Virtual Reality and teledildonics in the future. You may control them with an application too.

Robots to enhance your sexual experience

 Sex robots can be one of the perfect innovations to gratify your sexual needs. Though sex robots are available nowadays, most of them are male-centric and are hetero-normative. Presently, there are no companies with the mass production of sex toys. In the future, there would be an increase in their production.

These sex robots will have seamless technology, and you can also customize them. Robots that respond to touch with soft fabric could be part of the next generation of sex technology. They might be flexible and controllable too. These robots might reply to you based on the data collected from your health trackers.

Virtual Reality versus Reality

Virtual Reality and augmentation are enhancing our living conditions in a plethora of ways. With novelties in sex tech, Virtual Reality can fulfill your erotic fantasies with artificial intelligence. They can assist you in exploring your sexuality safely. 

With Virtual Reality, you might even create simulated sexual experiences with celebrities if they offer a license to use their faces. VR porn could take the front row on exploring sexuality. As the technology expands, it would indeed be possible to create a complete sex-based ecosystem. You can customise them based on your sexual preferences and fantasies too. Along with Virtual Reality, CGI could play a crucial role in the future of the sex-tech industry.

However, it is fundamental to set boundaries when you rely upon Augmented Reality. Many studies are happening based on the pros and cons of Virtual Reality for sex.

Sex-positive services for a sex-positive future

In the future, sex-positive infrastructures would develop. They would encourage you to enhance your sexual experiences. Apart from that, there will be a wider acceptance of sex-positive services that are gender-neutral. Sex-positive podcasts, ethical porn, sex toy shops, and more would be ubiquitous.

Sex-positive podcasts would delve further into raw conversations about sex, relationships, and love. Sex-positive podcasts can help you understand the intricacies associated with sexual health and wellness.

Ethical porn that portrays sex realistically would gain popularity over mainstream porn in a few years. Along with that, there will be more sex shops that offer sex toys and services that prioritise your needs. In the future, there will be more platforms that conduct open discussions on sexuality and sex-positivity.

Sex tech to enable safe sex in the future

In the future, sex robots that respond to touch, Virtual Reality that can create a sex-based ecosystem, and other sex tech products would no longer be part of our imaginations. Within a few years, these developments in the sex-tech industry will be available for us to purchase.


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