The Importance Of Bike Leathers

People tend to associate bike leathers with looking cool, but actually, they serve a very important purpose for motorcyclists (in addition to the rugged good looks). Motorbike leathers are an important safety feature and it is vital that every motorcyclist has high-quality leathers that they wear on every trip no matter how far – you can never be too careful when it comes to riding a motorbike.

Vulnerable road users

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and minor accidents on a bike can be fatal or life-changing. Motorists are protected by the vehicle along with features like seatbelts and airbags, but motorcyclists do not have this and they, therefore, need to do all that they can to stay safe. Bike leathers are an important part of this and could make all the difference in the event of an accident. 

A thick layer of protection

So, how exactly can bike leathers make riding a motorbike safer? Leather can provide a layer of protection if you come off of the bike and prevent you from suffering serious injuries, especially nasty surface level injuries that can occur when you slide after an accident. It makes sense as leather is made from animal skin that is tougher than human skin – this is why leather has been used as protection for thousands of years, including by Native Americans that wore it to protect them from cuts and bruises.

Other benefits

In addition to this, leather can also protect you from the elements and keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. Leather is also comfortable, which is hugely important when riding a motorbike, particularly on longer rides.

Other safety equipment

Of course, a leather jacket alone won’t protect you if you come off your bike and this is why you also need other safety items. A high-quality helmet, boots, gloves and goggles are essential safety items that should be worn every time you get on a motorbike, even if it is just around the corner to the shops.


Having leathers and other safety equipment is vital, but you also need to make sure that you have sufficient motorbike insurance in place. This way, if you do get into an accident then you would have coverage for the cost of repairs or a replacement model. In addition to protecting yourself financially, you will also find that this helps to provide peace of mind when you are on your bike.

Leather is a fantastic look for bikers and certainly an important part of the cultural identity, but there is a very good and practical reason why people wear bike leathers. This is a tough exterior level that can provide protection in the event of an accident, plus it allows motorcyclists to ride in all conditions and comfortably for long periods of time.



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