The Top Tech For Your Christmas Wish List

Technology is constantly evolving and the experts at tech giants such as Google and Apple are always finding new ways to enrich our lives and make daily tasks more convenient. From the Google Assistant and the often-humorous Siri to a watch that tracks everything from our sleep to our step count, it seems there’s always something new around the corner. 

There have been some more exciting developments in the technology sphere in the past few years, all of which are designed to make our daily lives easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for something to bring a bit of excitement to your evening or interested in making your home more safe and secure for your family, there’s a piece of tech that will get the job done. Here, we look at what should be on your tech wish list right now. 

Multi-charging stations

In today’s digital world, it’s pretty standard to be using two or three pieces of tech at once, so being able to charge several devices at the same time is essential. This is where a multi-charging station comes in handy. 

Get something small if you just need a charger for yourself or opt for a 10-point USB rapid charger to keep the whole family online. Gone are the days of risking overloading the electrics and starting a fire!

Fire TV Stick

If you don’t have a smart TV, the Amazon Fire Stick will enable you to access all your favourite streaming platforms in one place.

Whether you’re binging on a new Netflix show or choosing a movie from Amazon Prime, you can have everything you need at the tips of your fingers. 

Starlight projector 

If you want to stargaze without braving the winter elements, this is exactly what you need! Most light projectors can be customised with different colours and pictures, and you can also control the speed at which the lights move or change. 

Perfect for a romantic night in or even to help you drift off to sleep, some light projectors are fitted with a speaker system so you can listen to your favourite playlist as you admire the swirling patterns and colours.

Doorbell camera

It’s important to feel safe and secure when you’re at home, especially if you live by yourself. Fitting doorbell cameras to each of the entrances to your house will ensure you are aware when someone is on your property. 

Doorbell cameras can also be set to record throughout the day, so you can have peace of mind that your property is under surveillance when you’re not around. They can also deter thieves and unwanted visitors, as they will be visible to any onlookers.

Opt for good-quality products

Be sure to choose good-quality technology from reputable suppliers, but make sure you budget carefully and don’t overstretch yourself. Read reviews or ask people you trust for recommendations to ensure your money isn’t wasted.

It can be more beneficial in the long run to purchase tech that costs a bit more as it’s likely to perform better and last longer.

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