Tips On Hosting A Business Event

Have you recently started a business, or you already own a business and have new products that you would like to introduce to the public? While marketing your products or business online is essential, another great way of getting your brand out there, improving sales, and expanding your client base is by hosting an event!

Most business owners assume that business events like these should mainly be for big corporate companies with a large budget, as planning and hosting an event takes a lot of money and time.

However, hosting an event is an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness for your business and attract more potential clients. The thought of planning an event can sometimes be daunting, but if you take your time and do some proper research, rope in a good team, the whole process will not be as intimidating.

Here are a few tips for throwing an unforgettable business event:

The goal of your event

Before starting to plan the whole soirée, you need to determine why you are going to host an event. Is it to promote your business brand? Are you launching a new product? Build a mailing list for potential new clients? Set the goals of your event first, and then you can determine which type of event will be most suitable.

What is the scope of your event

The best way to tackle this bull is to see the event as a project. With this project, ensure to use promotional products most effectively and decide where the event will be held. Are you going to rent out a space? Will your business event be held at your offices? – Location is key.

Then, will there be refreshments or snacks at the event, entertainment for your guests or speakers? Bear in mind; your business event does not have to be the glitz and glam black-tie event. Remember, less can always be more.

Create the dream team

It would help if you built a crew of trusted employees that you can assign specific tasks to, knowing that they will be able to execute the tasks assigned. Then, choose one specific lead team player that will handle all of the finer details of the event.  

Once the team is established, sit with them and think everything through. Then, brainstorm with your team and go through all the details; ensure that all teammates understands when and what they need to do and what you plan to achieve with the business event.

Get the word out

Marketing, marketing, marketing! Make sure that there is ample time to market your event. Send out emails to your existing clients, notify and invite local media, reporters, and bloggers to your upcoming event. The publicity of your event is crucial as it can interest and attract potential clients that could not attend your soirée. After that, you and your team should gather one last time before the event to compare notes and ensure that everything is taken care of and in place. Last but not least, be positive, breathe and have fun!


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