The Touchland team have been busy pouring their lives into developing a game-changing hand sanitiser solution that will simplify your life whilst protecting your health with a simple spray. Having proudly developed a high-quality formulation actively killing 99.99% of most harmful germs, the new Touchland POWER MIST sanitiser hydrates your skin for 24 hours with high-performing natural ingredients.  

Touchland have unveiled a collection of 5 amazingly scented POWER MIST hand sanitisers that intend to keep your hands both clean & hydrated and are sure to offer the most stylish & cool solution in the market.

To find out more about how you can support the Touchland POWER MIST Kickstarter campaign, you can click here for more information.

 If you’ve never used Kickstarter no worries! It is very easy, you just need to:

  • Sign in on Kickstarter by creating an account or with your Facebook account
  • Visit the content to know more about the project
  • Choose the way you want to collaborate on the right side column
  • Mind that the money you pledge will only be charged once the campaign is over and only if we succeed in the campaign.
  • Once the campaign ends you’ll receive a survey to tell us your favourite model, colour and prescription information if needed.

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