Touchland launched their first campaign this month on Kickstarter for their line of high-end hand sanitiser products with a funding goal of $40,000. Touchland upgrades the hand sanitising experience by creating the first smart hand sanitisers, KUB and KUB Premium, that combine design, technology and quality to deliver the best hand sanitising experience. The touch-less devices are connected to an app that helps monitor hygiene and water savings.

“When I used hand sanitiser for the first time, I asked myself: why is a product that is so key for health so unpleasant and plain,” said Founder Andrea Lisbona. “I thought that I should create something that, besides being functional, would also be smart, beautiful and incredibly pleasant.”

The KUB smart hand sanitiser device has a sleek design made for the home or office. KUB works with four type D batteries that last two years. The sanitiser cartridge contains an unscented aqueous formula and lasts 2 times more than gel sanitisers. KUB Premium comes in an aluminium finishing frame and uses a premium lithium battery that lasts 6 months. Touchland is also offering Kickstarter backers KUB2go, a fancy pocket-sized sanitising spray with a fixed safety cap to ensure no leaks or spills. It comes in a variety of scents including citrus, mint, forest berry, vanilla cinnamon, aloe vera, watermelon, lavender, and neutral.

Unlike most hand sanitisers, Touchland uses high quality ingredients that leave hands feeling clean and moisturised, not sticky, while evaporating quickly and without an overwhelming smell of alcohol. Their solutions are water-based and use essential oils and aloe vera for intensive repair, hydration and softness.

The KUB app for smartphones alerts users to keep hands clean and provides a real-time water-savings counter. By using KUB instead of water and soap, users save two litres of water with every use.

The perfect addition to any home or office, early supporters can back KUB for $99 on Kickstarter. For more information visit

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