Trends Which Are Set To Captivate The World Of Cosmetics In 2021 By Scentsational

When it comes to the world of cosmetics, there are always trends which promise to inspire our purchases and preferences (whether we realise it or not!). In 2020, the uncertainty ensued by the Coronavirus pandemic transformed our lives; as such, it gave way to a number of trends became increasingly prevalent.

More specifically, as we were forced to embrace at-home DIY alternatives, hair products soared in popularity; darker tones became more convenient, defining our hair dye purchases (Dakota Johnson’s new locks certainly amplified this trend’s adoration) and the iconic ‘Curly Girl’ method transformed women’s hair internationally. Meanwhile, as our priorities shifted, so too did our expectations when it came to endorsing brands and purchasing cosmetics. 2020 became the year of sustainability, conscious shopping and health; we favoured moisturisers, hair oils and ultimately prioritised brands who were seen to care for the environment.

Will this continue in 2021, or are we set to see a number of new and exciting trends? To answer these questions, an expert from Scentsational, a leading cosmetics retailer for more than a decade, Millen Varaitch, is sharing their unique insights. Through engaging with their customers, analysing our buying habits and reviewing the hot products which are already capturing our imaginations, Scentsational have put together a list of the trends which are set to captivate the world of cosmetics in 2021.

Blonde locks and Olaplex

‘During 2020 darker hair colours were our go-to; grabbing a box and dying our locks a shade or two darker is much simpler than trying to navigate at-home highlights. However, as 2021 promises to re-instil more normality (fingers crossed), we’ll again be able to venture to our favourite salons. As a result, blonde hair will again become a summer must-have.

To protect our refreshed, bright locks, we also predict that Olaplex’s products will continue to be at the top of our wish lists. Colouring hair with lightening blonde shades pushes your hair to its maximum level of lift. This can damage hair, much like bleaching does. Fortunately, Olaplex protects and repairs broken bonds, leaving your hair in great condition. Their bond smoothers, shampoos and oils are necessities for every committed blonde in 2021.’

Bold eyes

‘Eye make-up is something we all love to get adventurous with, unfortunately with nowhere to go for so many months few of us have expressed our creativity! 2021 will be the year of bold eyeliner designs as we question the status quo, try new things and truly show our personalities.’

Conscious cosmetics

‘2020 has made us all more aware of our ability to inspire positive change. As such, consumers will continue to favour small, sustainable and affordable brands; we’re no longer as flippant as we used to be and by the end of 2021, our make-up collections will consist of carefully chosen, valued pieces. At Scentsational, we sell products from leading brands at affordable prices because we recognise that the world of cosmetics needs to become more accessible, inclusive and environmentally-driven; these are all values which we’re certain consumers will prioritise in 2021.’

Lighter coverage

‘Masks have been a necessity for months, unfortunately this has given rise to ‘maskne’. In 2021 we’re all going to be focusing on the health of our skin; this means saying farewell to heavy-duty foundations! What’s the point in full-coverage when you’re wearing a mask or, come summer time, enjoying the sunshine? Instead, concealers, balms, BB creams and tinted moisturisers are going to regain popularity. Unlike foundations, products like Clarins’ extra-firming neck and decollete cream, boast a number of additional benefits for our skin. In 2021 our chosen products will become multi-functional; after all, we’ve come to learn that no one can anticipate what lies around the corner…’

Curtain fringes

‘Hair styles come and go and this year, as we look to strip back our face coverage and embrace bolder eye looks, fringe bangs are becoming a hot trend. With the likes of Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid embracing the look we’re realising just how great they are. Fringe bangs are easy to manage and suit a variety of face shapes, so you really can’t really go wrong!

No matter the hair style you choose to embrace in 2021, we’ll all be focusing on the strength of our hair and its general health. Hair masks should become a key part of your self-care routine and as they continue to find their way into our shopping baskets, it’s looking like they will.’


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