Ways To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital because it is the process of customers or clients identifying your brand, recognising its logo, what it stands for and ensuring it is remembered. The greater the brand awareness you have then the greater success or profitability your brand is likely to achieve. You could have the best brand in the world but if nobody is aware it exists what is the point? Here are some simple and effective ways you can increase your brand awareness.

Partner with trusted brands

Find a like-minded brand to yours and discuss the possibility of a collaboration. By joining forces with compatible and trusted brands you are not only helping to build up the reputation of trust between the audience and your brand but you are also benefitting from some of the exposure and kudos that the brand has previously worked hard to achieve. The thought process is, that if brand A is teaming up with yours they too must be credible and trustworthy. Marketing by association, if you will. 

Content marketing 

When it comes to brands people want to trust a brand and the more they know about a brand and its story the more familiar they will become. In turn the more trust they are likely to develop with that brand. Content marketing is a type of marketing that helps brands and businesses become more visible. However, good content marketing can do so much more than this. If you get your content marketing right it can be used to tell the story of your brand, to reach customers and resonate with them in a way that is about more than getting a few keywords in front of customers by way of direct mail or online webpages. Use it to your advantage, tell a story and reach customers on a personal level. Make your brand memorable. 


People love to receive things for free and they like to win something. Giving away one of your products or services is a great way of introducing potential customers to what you have to offer. It is also a great tool for spreading awareness as a well-run giveaway is likely to reach a large audience base, often audiences you might not have reached by conventional methods. If your giveaway is running online then you can add it to specific competition sites to increase awareness. Giveaways are also an effective way of increasing your social media presence and are often used to increase the following a brand has. For example, the terms of entry to the competition may be, ‘like this post and follow our page’. 

Be social savvy

Being on social media is a given for most brands these days but you want to ensure you are using it the right way. It is no longer a place for non-stop advertising and free marketing. In order to make social media work for your brand you will need to do a few of the following;

  • Engage with your online community, talk, like, comment and share their content. 
  • Use paid ads.
  • Join online groups or run your own but not as a means to funnel sales and ads. 
  • Join the latest social media channels (if appropriate for your audience) and keep on top of the latest social trends. 

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