What Do Young Families Look For In A House?

If the latest ONS statistics are anything to go by, the average house price in the UK is continuing to climb at a disproportionate rate to earnings.

More specifically, the average property was valued at £266,000 in June 2021, with this £31,000 higher than the figure recorded 12 months earlier. Not only this, but while the average house price is now roughly 65-times higher than it was in 1970, real wages have only grown by 36-times during the same period. This highlights the challenge facing aspiring buyers in 2021, especially young families who are shopping for a particular type of home. Here are some of the key features that young families look for when buying a property:

Good schools

For parents with young children, the quality of the local school system and individual facilities remains a significant factor when buying a new home.

In fact, more than 90% of home buyers with young families take school district boundaries and options when shopping for real estate, with many also admitting that they’d be happy to go over budget if it meant that their kids could gain access to a superior school.Given the cost of sourcing and paying online conveyancers in the current market, this highlights just how important it is for parents to prioritise schooling when buying a house.

Typically, parents will want to identify two or three potential schools that are rated as being ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, so that they can afford their children a high-quality and reliable education.

The nearby amenities

While schools are important, so too are the surrounding amenities and facilities that provide recreational opportunities for children and families alike.

After all, kids also need activities and things to do during the weekends and outside of term times, so it’s important to prioritise geographical areas in which there are plenty of recreational opportunities. Of course, the amenities that you look for will depend on your children’s preferences, whether they need access to a community pool or youth centre or a local library.

Is the neighbourhood safe?

If you have children, it’s also imperative that you identify houses in safe neighbourhoods where crime levels are relatively low. This is true whether you’re a particularly safety-conscious parent or not, as so-called “safe” locations allow children to walk the streets with genuine peace of mind and minimises the risk of them getting involved in petty crime.

Safety can also apply to the level of traffic in a particular area and just how busy it is. For example, locations with busy and bustling roads aren’t ideal for families with young children, especially those who like to ride their bikes outside or on the pavement. So, the safety of a neighbourhood and the area surrounding your home is of paramount importance, especially in instances where you have young or vulnerable children.

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