What To Look For In A Packaging Supplier: A Guide For Luxury Brands

In all businesses that require packaging suppliers, finding the right one to meet your business requirements means there are many factors to consider. This is especially important with luxury brands as customers who are willing to pay more for luxury products should feel your brand quality shine. With numerous options in choosing a packaging supplier, these key considerations will help you find the right firm for your luxury brand.

Find a supplier with luxury bespoke packaging

It is essential to find a supplier that fully understands your business needs. With luxury branding, there may be fewer suitable options if they do not specialise in this industry. Many luxury packaging firms, such as Maxipos, offer eco-friendly options and custom packaging. These luxury packaging suppliers collaborate with your company to create something that represents your brand, while also offering a high level of practicality. Whether you need the likes of folding cartons, collapsible boxes, rigid boxes, or tote bags, offering your customers luxurious packaging like this is sure to give the best impression, while providing a service.

Prioritise customer service

In addition to the cost impact, late or failed deliveries will also harm brand reputation. Look for a packaging supplier that gives optimal customer service through frequent updates on when deliveries will be made, options for rescheduling or leaving the package in a safe place. Most delivery firms now offer customers the option of tracking parcels in real-time, so they are consistently updated. Small steps can make a big difference, especially for luxury brands, so deliveries should seem personal and friendly. Contact-free deliveries should always be offered with the ongoing pandemic, so make sure your potential supplier values this option.

Look for reliability over pricing

From a business perspective, pricing will always be hugely important. While obtaining numerous quotes from various suppliers is still essential to keep costs down, ensure pricing is not your defining priority. Reliability with luxury brands should always take precedence. Look at your packaging suppliers experience and research their review scores online. This can help you consider all options as unreliable suppliers could lead to potential returns due to damaged goods or potentially failed shipments, costing you more each month overall. This may also harm your business reputation, which is especially detrimental for luxury brands.

Consider suppliers who offer eco-friendly options

Trends concerning environmentally responsible products are increasingly frequent, with countless brands now considering their business’s impact on the planet. Customers are more likely to pay for environmentally friendly products; therefore, sourcing sustainable materials and offering eco-friendly packaging will help build trust with your customer base and should help maximise business success. Establishing your luxury business as eco-friendly is vital and will shine a positive light on your brand’s reputation, ensuring customers will be more likely to shop with you if they feel they are also helping the planet.

Using these tips should help you find the best packaging supplier for your luxury brand while keeping your costs down and growing brand affinity with your customers, boosting long-term business success as a result.

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