Where Are The Grounds For Competition Your Local Business Landscape?

From time to time, it’s easy to think that the lines of business competition have been blurred. Think of social media platforms, for example. Every business can open a free profile in order to market that which they have to offer. But even the most successful international corporates will have a similarly formatted social media page to the local cafe around the corner. As such, the aesthetic imprint of both has been standardized, even if the follower and engagement counts vary.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for certain services, particularly in a local area, to offer similar services. If you’re a competent gas boiler installer, or an electrician, it might be hard to suggest what value you could offer over the next person, except for demonstrating your cheaper pricing plan.

So – where are you supposed to compete in a space like this? In this post, we’ll discuss three measures by which your business can stand out, and continue standing out – even in a competitive field. Let’s consider that, below:

Web design & function

Web design is a big deal. It might seem as though the most basic template is acceptable for  your own brand, and perhaps it is, but making your web the de-facto hub for everything that takes place in your business can be a good way to reach out, connect, and provide convenience to your customers or clients. With a capable web design firm you can showcase your product or service portfolio, show testimonials, create landing pages for your services, and ultimately boost your SEO as you deserve to be seen.

Warranties & aftercare

A great service rendered is a fantastic thing, but the provision that will really convince others to spread the word of your business is giving a good warranty, and ensuring your aftercare team are professional. Checking in with your customer ninety days after landscaping their garden, for instance, can ensure they feel satisfied and may perhaps incentivize them to write a positive online review. Warranties can also convince an on-the-fence customer to give you a try, for example you might say that for a year after your installation you’re happy to come and make repairs no questions asked. In the long run, this provision helps you ensure no customer is left unhappy.

Personability & consistent standards

You’d be amazed at how friendly, affable staff can secure loyal clients. It might feel as though you need ultra high flying moneymen who know how to upsell everything and can cater to the whims of your client’s demands, but really, these customers just want someone nice to interface with. Training your staff in that way can be helpful, as can hiring customer-facing individuals with a little personality. Furthermore, if you ensure consistent standards are applied to the measures that matter, such as ensuring your customer service lines are well-attended and your against have the authority to enact real solutions can make a big difference. It’s strange to hear, but firms like this can be so rare that users will hold yours tight should they notice such worth.

With this advice, we hope you can better compete in your local business landscape – in the best possible sense.

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