Who Do You Want To Be? By Beccy Hunt

There is a quiet revolution going on, have you noticed? Our patriarchal society, governed by fear and scarcity, is being challenged and there is a new way ahead. Values such as vulnerability, kindness, love, connection, authenticity, that have been dismissed up until now are coming to the fore. The amount of heart led business run by women embracing their divine feminine power is growing.

There has never been a better time to start a business as a woman, especially if you are over 50. You have a power and wisdom that the world craves right now. This is your time to shine and break free from your shackles. As women, we have been taught to keep ourselves small and insignificant or face the consequences.

To stand up and show who you really are as a woman is dangerous, you’ll be called out as a witch (just look at Mary Beard) and burned at the stake (this is what happened to women historically) and we carry these wounds with us in our DNA. It is now safe for us here in the Western world, to stand up and be counted. And we owe it to all those women who don’t have this privilege now and to the women who went before us. 

Nothing compares to finding your own inner freedom and creating the impact you desire on the world around you, and running a successful business allows women to do just this. Beccy Hunt is a creative entrepreneur and founder of the luxury homeware brand Chez Beccy. She is also a creative business mentor, guiding women to start their own creative heart led business. Here she shares her tips on how to embrace your divine feminine power.

Choose a growth mind set

The first thing to do is embrace a growth mind set. The myth is that we can’t change who we are and how intelligent we are, we are stuck with what we have been given. But this is not true, with curiosity and courage we can grow and learn.

Put boundaries in place

The myth is having boundaries and saying yes when you really want to say no, makes you a horrible and selfish person. This results in feelings of resentment, giving so much of yourself there is nothing left or letting people down. The truth is we can’t be all things to all people. So show up wholeheartedly when you commit and say no when you can’t do this. By saying no and stepping back creates space and allows someone else to step in or step up and flourish. It gives others space to shine.

Be kind to yourself

How do you talk to yourself? Start to notice how you are with yourself. It matters, what you think of yourself. It all feeds into yourself esteem. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day on average. These thoughts are repeated again and again becoming feelings and these feelings become beliefs.

So this is the amazing part, we can change our beliefs by changing ours thoughts. Do you give yourself a hard time? Or do you look in the mirror with kindness and compassion and say “well done, you did good today”. It might be a bit weird, but you are amazing and you deserve to know this.

Take radical responsibility

Be your own knight in shinning armour. The truth is, no one is going to come and rescue you. Even though this is what we are taught as young girls growing up. And yes, scary, but it’s also exciting and opens up a whole new way of living your life!

Who do you want to be?

In the end it comes down to this, “who do you want to be?” and only you know the answer. We only have one shot a this life, this isn’t the practice run, you get to choose to make it count!

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