Why All Businesses Should Embrace Sustainability By Cat Gazzoli

In these busy times, and with the world facing a climate emergency, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to own their role and use their platform to lead the way and make it easy for consumers to get involved and help on a large scale.

Piccolo founder, Cat Gazzoli, worked in the charitable sector for the UN and the non-profit, Slow Food, for years, but it is through Piccolo that she has seen the impact the commercial sector can have on raising awareness and driving wide-spread change. Cat has brilliantly collated 5 reasons why all businesses should embrace sustainability.

Don’t lose sight

Set out your values and firm reasons behind them. With recent events, we’re all reflecting more on our impact on the environment and our collective responsibility for future generations is becoming irrefutable; harness this strength of feeling and seize the opportunity to do what you can, from improving packaging options to building and developing initiatives which will contribute to a greener world.

Go organic

For those in the food industry, if you haven’t already, the move to sourcing your ingredients ethically, organically and sustainably is a great place to start. Not only does this affect consumers’ health, but it also has a huge impact on the environment; organic farms help keep toxins out of the air, have nutrient-rich soils, maintain biodiversity among wildlife, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and chemicals into the ocean.

Partner up!

You may not be able to achieve everything you want to by yourself. Research and identify companies which share your values and ambitions, then look at how joining forces can be mutually beneficial in reaching your sustainability goals.

Pack it in

The packaging is a big area of consideration for most companies. You’ll need to weigh up the impact of light- or heavy-weight packaging and the emissions caused by transportation, as well as the recyclability of each option and how it will affect your product.

Carbon neutrality

Becoming carbon neutral is another way your company can take a step in the right direction. Once you have assessed and reduced your carbon emissions wherever you can, you can take action to offset the emissions which you can’t avoid. Along with avoiding and reducing carbon emissions, carbon offset projects, which take positive action elsewhere, make an important contribution to fighting global warming.


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