Why You Should Be Investing In A Business Application

If you have a successful business website, then you might find it difficult to see the value of a business application. After all, if your website is doing well maintaining loyal customers while attracting new clients, is there any real need to build a business application? While the benefits of a business application might not be immediately obvious to you, with a little understanding, the reasons why you should be investing in a business application can become very clear.

Increase brand awareness 

As scrumlaunch.com explains, one of the most valuable reasons why you should be looking to have a business application is because it can be a hugely valuable tool when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Studies have found that the average person spends nearly three hours on their phone every day; that is nearly a month and a half in one year alone. When you have a business application, you are taking up valuable real estate on someone’s phone. This means that every time they look at their home screen, they see your brand’s image, which increases brand awareness.

Boost customer loyalty 

Studies have found that mobile phones account for nearly 90% of the time the average person spends looking at a screen. This means that when a customer has a business application on their phone, they are much more likely to engage with your brand. Not only does an application allow for organic connections with customers, but features like in-application purchases, notifications and advertising have been found to have a big impact, especially when compared to social media marketing, email marketing, and other traditional methods.

Build a community 

Creating a community around your brand can be very valuable. Creating a community allows you to build deeper and more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers and increase customer retention rates. Including features in your business application like forums, in-application messaging and comments sections will enable customers to interact directly, enabling you to build an active community around your brand.

Provide value to customers 

Another great benefit of a mobile application for businesses is that it allows you to provide more value to customers. When a mobile application is well built and functions effectively, offering high-quality support and community benefits, it provides an experience of real value. This, in turn, will further help you to build more meaningful, long-lasting and loyal connections with customers. Not only will this help you to boost your relationships with the customer, but it will also increase perceptions of your business as it shows you care about your customers and hold yourself to a high standard.

Increase sales 

Studies have found that adopting a business application is a great way to boost sales, not only on your application but on your website too. With all of the benefits outlined in the points above, it is not difficult to understand why creating a business application can lead to an increase in sales. Understanding the impact of a mobile application on sales can be very useful when it comes to realizing the potential fast return on your investment.


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