5 Ways To Create Your New Normal As A Value-Driven Woman By Kelly Swingler

Lockdown life has been tough on the world, for everyone, yet as we look around, we can see the rise of the value-driven women. The women who have been in jobs that don’t light them up, are leaving their roles, in some cases with nothing else to go to, because they have realised that they want, need and deserve better.

Value-driven women have started side hustles, and charities, and blogs, and foundations and podcasts during lockdown to align them more to their values and what they know they are here to achieve.

Women who are driven by their values have closely evaluated what matters to them and to their lives and to their families and they have realised that what was normal, is no longer sustainable in whatever the ‘new normal’ maybe. And they are not just waiting for people to tell them what that new normal will be, they are out there creating it for themselves and are making it happen.

Kelly Swingler is an executive coach and global empowerment coach for leaders and HR professionals at kellyswingler.com and founder of The Chrysalis Crew ,who explains how these women are creating their new normal that aligns to their values.

They are investing in themselves

They are finding coaches, mentors and advisors to help them get clear on what they are here to achieve. They are asking for support to break the cycles of the past and to create a future that works for them.  They are finding the money and the time to make themselves a priority because they realise they can’t do it all on their own.

They are managing their energy levels

Values-driven women are evaluating what gives them energy and what drains their energy.  They are exercising in a way that works for them. They are looking at their diet and eating energy providing nutritious foods that make them feel good.  They are cutting out or decreasing their alcohol intake because they realise this slows them down.  They are evaluating the relationships that lift them and the relationships that suck the life out of them, and they are spending more time with those that lift them up.

They are grateful for all that they have

Values-driven women are grateful for their lives.  They are grateful for their mistakes and successes.  They are grateful for the people in their lives, they are grateful for all they have and all they do.  They recognise that in being grateful, they can create more in their lives to be grateful for, as long as it is aligned to their values.

They are decluttering

Value-driven women are removing things from their lives that don’t lift them up. They are de-cluttering their homes, their wardrobes, their schedules, their emails, their social media accounts, their relationships, their work and their workspaces. In decluttering and removing all that is unnecessary, they are creating space for more of the right things to enter their lives, families and work.

They are unapologetically themselves

There comes a point when all women get comfortable in being themselves and value-driven women feel this completely.  They are happy in their own bodies, they are happy with their lives, they are happy with their decisions, and the way they act and interact,  They are themselves, at all times, no matter what the occasion and no matter who they are with, unapologetically.

Value-driven women have used 2020 to get more clarity and more direction on who they are, what matters and what they are here to do.  And they are making it happen.

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