BEYOUROWN: Bhavya Arora X Discover Your Purpose And Explore Your Values

Discover your PURPOSE and Explore your VALUES Start living the LIFE you say you WANT and Get back into the Driving Seat of your LIFE

About this Event

Are you waking you up at 3 am? What’s keeping you up at 3 am? If yes, then join me on a journey of self-discovery and clarity to revolutionise you inside out.

This workshop is for you, if …

  1. You are feeling disconnected and demotivated with yourself and life
  2. You are busy being a cheerleader to others and have ignored your wants, passions, desires and dreams
  3. You want to move forward towards your desired vision but don’t know-how
  4. You are consumed with an unhealthy mindset and feel ”stuck”


Your takaways will be…

  1. Bringing your values to life and feeling motivated
  2. Reconnecting with your purpose in life having a direction to move in
  3. Clarity and focus in decision making of what you want and why
  4. Reshaping your thoughts,beliefs and actions
  5. Rewriting your Life’s Story on your TERMS


‘This new version of you is within reach – so let’s stretch your potential and make it happen!’


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