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Kayleon Dortch-Elliott is the founder of By Grace Not Perfection LLC, a platform for encouraging and motivating women through writing and speaking. Mrs Dortch-Elliott recently published the “One Day At A Time: Remaining in Step 30-Day Devotional” and “The 45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas.”Additionally, she has had the pleasure of speaking on various platforms throughout the years as a panellist, keynote speaker and minister, and was 1 of 50 out of 150 women chosen to participate in Women on the TEDx Stage.


Meet Selene Barron, wife, mother, entrepreneur and social media influencer living in Brownsville, TX. Selene currently runs a small e-commerce business called Shop Diary of a Fashionista, known as a women's clothing boutique. So we chat to her about the how and why behind her start-up, the marketing push and why the overall customer experience is important for the brand.



Ellis DeBona is a women life's coach and spiritual teacher who combines traditional coaching practice with ancient spiritual principle and knowledge. Ellis helps women who feel blocked in their life to move through their personal challenges and fears and uniquely specialise in feminine energy, empowering women by helping them to love and trust themselves deeply so that they can feel whole and complete.


Michal Baghlani is the head psychologist and founder of Aware Psychology & Coaching. She has worked for over 15 years in the area of employee health and wellbeing as a workplace trainer, coach and change facilitator. Michal has worked for some of Australia’s leading EAP organisations providing coaching, training facilitation, career transition services, counselling and crisis interventions. She also has extensive rehabilitation, and injury management experience, both in case management, and the assessment and treatment of complex psychological injuries and chronic pain presentations.


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Pursuing your dream career is an exciting and rewarding challenge, and staying on track is the best way to ensure your future success. Maintaining your vision and drive establishes your commitment to your career goals that makes settling for a position that isn’t perfect for you an impossibility. Get started on your pursuit with the following tips that’ll help you navigate the path to securing your dream career.

What To Watch Out For When Pursuing Your Dream Career
How To Achieve Your Goals Keeping It Simple By Rebecca Lockwood

A study conducted by the oxford research team found that the theory of goal setting is straightforward: set a specific, high goal and the result will be high performance. This is because the specific goal that is chosen focuses an individual’s attention on goal-relevant activities.

As soon as your company begins to grow, it is very easy for all the personalities, opinions and experience levels of your staff to pull business operations in various directions. If you are in charge, your duty is to keep everyone on track. Business order is a must, but you also want to incorporate the experience, feedback and suggestions of your staff and employees.

3 Meetings Your Business Should Be Having


Linda Whitehead spent years of her life dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a mum before she realised she’d lost her passion, purpose and true self along the way. A couple of yoga classes later and some of those layers she’d built up started to peel away, giving her a peep at who she really was again. And there began a deep relationship with yoga and meditation and a passion to be able to share these ancient learnings with people in a similar position to her.


Born and raised in the city of Elgin, IL, Jenny Medrano is a true Chicago-area girl at heart. She was raised by two incredibly loving and hard-working Mexican-American parents, and from their leading, she learned that being "Mexican" can be whatever you shape it to be. Her parents taught her how to respect her elders and always remember where she came from, and she is grateful for all their lessons.


Laura Lohk is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP coach, trained at the internationally renowned Quest Institute in London. Having had a very challenging past herself, she now helps people with common mental health issues, trauma, stress, weight loss and phobias, together with inspiring people to unlock their potential by coaching them to realise that #YesYouCan turn your challenges into opportunities.


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Yoga And The Entrepreneur​

Entrepreneurs have long been into yoga. But just what can practice give to us? We decided to find the answer to this question. Yoga has long ceased to be asocial. In Hollywood today every first-person practices yoga. Good or bad, we are not here to judge. But if that were the case, that is just the point: not only is modern yoga accessible to everyone – its functionality has also changed.

3 Tips For Handling Claims And Complaints Against Your Company

Every business leader wants things to go smoothly in her company. Unfortunately, workplace problems will arise at some point. An employee will behave inappropriately among his or her colleagues. An unexpected injury leads to an insurance claim. Although you hope to avoid such events, it is important to prepare yourself to deal with them.


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3 Tips For Business Leaders Looking To Go Eco-Friendly


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