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BEYOUROWN Freemium Reads

Catch these Freemium reads provided by our Global partners to help you start and scale your business with confidence

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The 5 Ways Consumer Spending Will Change For SMEs In 2023 Mark Ursell, CEO of QuMind

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5 Steps To Growing Your Business Internationally By The Translation People

The future is looking bright for businesses with global aspirations as according to new research, 80 per cent of companies […]

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BEYOUROWN Freemium Reads

Catch these Freemium reads provided by our Global partners to help you start and scale your business with confidence

Britain’s Biggest Business Show Is Back For 2023, Returning To The ExCeL In London On The 22nd & 23rd Of November!

Are you looking to start a business or grow your existing business? Helping small businesses grow and develop, the 45th […]

5 Ways To Make Decisions In Business By Monica Jackman DAC MIACP WACN

Monica Jackman is a Life Coach with Neuroscience and a Counsellor with twenty-five years of experience in the areas of […]

How To Keep Startup Costs Low

Starting a business can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. […]

How To Align Your Digital Presence With Yoga Principles By Laura Marks, Founder Of BB Creative Communications

Social media strategy is not a one-time event but a continuous process. Developing short, medium and long-term strategic plans across […]

How To Improve Your Businesses Workflow

Having a business usually means there is a huge number of things to do, which all have to coincide with […]

Why Outsourcing Is A Good Business Strategy

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you may be trying to discover ways to make your business more […]

How To Adapt Your SMB For Mobile Users

It can be hard to adapt your SMB for mobile without the skills and expertise. But you can use multiple […]

Ways To Help Your Business Achieve Its Goals

Every business has the desire to hit goals and targets. Whether they are weekly or yearly targets, it is an […]

5 Tips For Small Business Owners By Ste McGrath

Setting up a business is one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys that you can go on. As a […]

5 Ways To Launch Into The Beauty Industry By Ashley Rossiter, MirrorMePR

Ashley Rossiter is a former fashion stylist and a qualified journalist. With over 20+ years in marketing and MD of […]

4 Ways To Ensure A Smooth E-commerce Process For Your Startup By Daniele Servadei, CEO Of Sellix

Ok, so you’ve got a great idea for an e-commerce startup that’s going to revolutionize the world.  You’ve done your […]

How To Use Events To Explode Your Business By Elaine Ball, Founder of Elaine Ball Ltd

Elaine Ball of Elaine Ball Ltd is a seasoned pro when it comes to events, here shares her top five […]

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BEYOUROWN  is an all in solution one-stop-shop to help cultivate your business growth.

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Our carefully selected partners share their expert advice on a variety of topics that aim to assist you in areas of personal or professional growth.

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The BEYOUROWN Membership Club is a private collective of Members all vibrate at the same frequency.

By utilising Samanah’s personal expertise and pulling together a community of business leaders, industry pioneers and change-makers, we aid in the personal and professional development throughout business journey.

BEYOUROWN do this by offering you all the right tools, resources and support at whatever stage you are at.

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If you have an eagerness and willingness to want to Learn, Lead and Succeed then absolutely! We work with our Members who operate at entirely different levels and stages, so long as you already have your business ready to go!

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We have one Membership option, however you can choose to pay monthly or annually. Please keep in mind that once your Membership is accepted, it will be automatically renewed.

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In the unlikely event that this isn’t for you, you can cancel your Membership at anytime and you will still have full access to BEYOUROWN and its Membership Package benefits until the expiry date.

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