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The Inner Circle Experience

Conceived a media company in 2016, BEYOUROWN has since established the Inner Circle which now operates as a private members club for women in business. The Inner Circle operates as a private members club that comprises a diverse community of established business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs. From finance to STEM to retail, the Inner Circle is a proud collective of women where concepts are brought to fruition, collaborations are created, partnerships are signed, and most importantly, genuine connections are formed.

Meet Samanah Duran

Samanah Duran, a distinguished Forbes 30 under 30 honouree, has emerged as a trailblazing British entrepreneur, television and media personality, driving innovation and fostering transformation within the realm of Private Members Club For Women.

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Company You Keep Is Key

The importance of your network cannot be overstated, which is why each of our Inner Circle Members is carefully selected to meet our stringent criteria. Members must demonstrate a track record of excellence and success in their respective fields, they must possess commitment to growth. Our Inner Circle values diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to foster a rich and dynamic community.

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Fostering Genuine Connections & Driving Conversations Forward

We are heavily invested in maintaining a shared value ecosystem within our Inner Circle at the SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) level is essential for fostering collaboration, empowerment, and sustainable growth. Our ecosystem enables female entrepreneurs to thrive collectively whilst amplifying their impact and success.

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Bright Minds Think Alike

We’ve assembled an extensive catalog of exclusive Inner Circle Member events tailored to meet both their professional and social requirements. Our offerings range from engaging Women Who Lead Luncheons, thought-provoking Corporate Keynote Talks and B2B Online Sessions, to dynamic Online Round Table Discussions. All events are co-hosted by founder Samanah Duran, who takes a hands-on approach to ensuring Members get the most out of the Inner Circle.

Learn - Empowering Women Through Knowledge

Our first pillar, “Learn,” is dedicated to the pursuit of continuous education and personal growth. We believe that knowledge is power, and we are committed to equipping women with the tools they need to succeed. Explore the world of curiosity and intellectual development as we offer skill-building workshops and resources to enhance your capabilities. Our members share success stories, testifying to the transformative power of lifelong learning.

Lead - Fostering Confidence & Empowerment

“Lead” is our second pillar, focusing on empowering women to take charge of their lives and careers. We inspire confidence and self-belief, creating a nurturing environment that promotes the development of leadership skills. Within our community, you’ll find profiles of inspirational female leaders who have paved the way for others. By embracing leadership, we break barriers and open doors for personal and collective success.

Succeed - Celebrating Achievements & Resilience

Our third pillar, “Succeed,” underscores the importance of defining success on your own terms. We celebrate achievements, both big and small, and encourage resilience and determination in the face of challenges. Our member spotlight showcases stories of success and personal growth, demonstrating that success is a journey, not just a destination.


What To Expect From BEYOUROWN

Get your FAQ covered

What is BEYOUROWN all about?

BEYOUROWN  is an all in solution one-stop-shop to help cultivate your business growth.

How does the Freemium Reads work?

Our carefully selected partners share their expert advice on a variety of topics that aim to assist you in areas of personal or professional growth.

What does the BEYOUROWN Inner Circle Membership offer?

In order to support personal and professional growth over the course of a company venture, BEYOUROWN makes use of Samanah’s unique experience and brings together a community of business leaders, industry pioneers, and change-makers. For this, BEYOUROWN provides you with all the necessary tools, resources, and assistance, regardless of where you are in the process.

Is the BEYOUROWN Inner Circle Membership right for me?

If you have an eagerness and willingness to want to Learn, Lead and Succeed then absolutely! Please note, a  hand-picked selection process and criteria must be met in order for new Members to join.

How much does the BEYOUROWN Inner Circle Membership cost?

We have one Membership option. Please keep in mind that once your Membership is accepted, it will be automatically renewed.

Can I cancel my Membership subscription at any time?

In the unlikely event that this isn’t for you, you can cancel your Membership at anytime and you will still have full access to BEYOUROWN and its Membership Package benefits until the expiry date.

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