Entrepreneurship: What Entrepreneurs Can Do To Avoid Burning Out Whilst Working From Home By Samanah Duran

When you work from home, your home is your workplace and your workplace is your home. However, if you maintain consistency in your daily routine and make use of these 3 tips below, you will understand the importance of using your time wisely and develop an even balanced habitual process you will feel comfortable with.

Boundary setting

Set clear but realistic boundaries for yourself, your clients, family and friends. Implement systems to ensure that those boundaries are not violated. Be ruthless about enforcing them. Once you start working and get into the flow state it is easy to just keep going not just an hour after hour but day after day. Before long you discover weekends are just another working day and you are completely burnt out.


It has been said many times before but still rings true- what is not scheduled does not get done. Have a set routine and block out time for your tasks. Set 30-40 minute blocks per task and leave all distractions over the other side of the room, when you are not interrupted you can get a lot done.


You do not have to do everything yourself. Good management is the ability to also achieve results through others. So if you find yourself with more on your plate, than you can handle then you must learn to delegate. Make use of freelance platforms so you can minimise the pressure you most likely putting upon yourself. Recognising that you need help is not a sign of incompetence but a sign that you are growing, better yet-your business is growing.

Take frequent breaks

If you are working on a long project, exercise and take regular breaks during your workday. Communicate and stay in touch with your support network and other entrepreneurs to keep the momentum high. By breaking it up, this allows time for you to pause for a moment and possibly visualise your future and remind you of the end goal. (Whilst keeping your sanity)



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