Needing To Raise Your Charity’s Profile? Here’s How Celebrities Can Help

Many people devote their lives to promoting good causes. They can be anything from childrens’ charities to providing hospice care, or from saving the environment to overseas aid. It’s an established fact that the more widely an organisation is known, the more likely it will be to attract support and finance. 

Perhaps you are spending lots of time and money on a cause that is dear to your heart. You may be wondering how to take things up a gear. Let’s briefly discuss the way that famous people may be able to support your charity. 

By being a keynote speaker

People become famous for a wide variety of reasons. It could be through their charity work, their sense of humour or their sporting achievements. Alternatively they may have been born into royalty.  Fortunately, many such people are willing to be contacted and secured for special events. Speakers Corner is a website that connects keynote speakers to event organisers. The people can be anything from TV or radio presenters to journalists and sports stars. In turn they serve as a magnet to attract supporters to special events. 

By becoming a patron 

When famous people are prepared to put their name to a charity, they are providing their personal endorsement. Whilst they may not be involved in the day to day running of the charity, they can feature as an active figurehead. It could be a royal patron, an environmental campaigner supporting your local recycling projects or a political speaker endorsing your charity to protect human rights. It’s possible to have more than one patron, but it’s important that they each have their own space and recognition, rather than feeling outnumbered by on another. 

By attracting interest 

Some people attend charity events to see a celebrity rather than to help a cause. Once they are there, however, they may decide to contribute either on the day or longer term. If famous people request charitable donations, people often feel more secure that it’s a good and reliable cause.  

By raising awareness 

Celebrities and members of the royal family have a wider field of influence than most people. This is because they are often the centre of attention. When they talk about issues, greater numbers of people hear their voice. Rather than a charity focusing on its own voice, it can harness a famous person and amplify it further. 

By being a respected supporter

When an unknown person tries to speak out about their cause, people may not know whether to trust their authority. If an experienced campaigner or scientist supports a charity, far more people will listen and respond. 

By attending your events

All a member of the royal family has to do is attend a theatre event, and people get interested. Celebrities can attend many types of corporate events or be awards hosts. They can make after dinner speeches, share funny stories or talk about their lives. Whilst such investments may cost money, the benefits often outweigh this. Perhaps it’s time for you to pursue this for your charity. It may help it grow in voice, finance and effectiveness. 

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